It’s the road trip/girls night/flashback episode.  Because every time Damon and Stefan leave town, Elena, Bonnie, and Caroline need an excuse to have fun in Damon’s bathroom, right?  I’ve always said, Damon has a great…bathroom. 

“We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street” is a big setup for the midseason finale, but half of it failed for me.  I’ve made it no secret I’m not enjoying this hybrid thing, and that ridiculous scene of Tyler showing who’s the Alpha male (while Caroline is in hostage distress…again) reminded me of the little skirmishes between my male and female miniature daschunds.  Seeing humans act this way isn’t quite as compelling.  It’s degrading actually.  Now tiny dogs, it’s extremely amusing. 

I’m making it sound like I hated the episode though and I didn’t.  There were moments.  Lexi was back and this time she came with a cool hat.  Plus I think I’m seeing it.  Suresh, I mean Shane, wants 12 hybrids.  Damon back in 1942 killed 12 people.  Damon did so for a witch who told him he was breaking a sire bond, but he was really giving her the power to trigger some really dark magic.  Shane also wants  Bonnie for something.  It’s 1942 all over again.  In this show, I don’t believe in coincidence.   
Except why 12 hybrids?  I’m assuming Shane wants them so he can kill them.  Is it because they’re abominations?  Is it because Shane wants to get back at Klaus, or rid the world of hybrids since there aren’t any dopplegangers?  Why go through the trouble to un-sire them all just to kill them?  Plus now the sire bond happens with vampires too?  I don’t know, considering the worst that came of a vampire sire was a poor girl ended up counting all the bricks on all the buildings in New Orleans for 70 years, the vampire one doesn’t sound half bad.   

That’s all I want to spend on the hybrids.  Let’s get to the real meaty story, Delena.  This week we got sensitive, caring Damon.  He was definitely thinking of Elena’s welfare when he made her late for school so they could have hot, steamy, vampire sex.  A girl’s gotta live a little!  All kidding aside, I give Damon props for accepting that Elena was sired when she passed his blood bag test, even though he looked crushed.  Sure that had to hurt, but he cares enough to do what’s right and went out to break the bond.  He also handled Stefan’s unwarranted hostility well, which also shows how much he cares for his brother.  Then again, that flashback to 1942 existed to prove that, right?  He let Stefan go off to war alone so he wouldn’t accidentally take him back to his ripper days like the last time they were together.  Of course I’m still wondering why they were so pissed at each other in the Pilot, but I’m sure that flashback will come eventually. 

This time, Damon has to let Elena go.  Why?  Um, well, heck I don’t know why.  Yes, it’s to break the sire bond, but is he really thinking she’ll dump him?  It was well established by both Tyler and the witch that feelings for the person don’t change because of a sire bond.  In the vampire case, a bond doesn’t work unless the person has feelings for the vamp before being turned.  The feelings are still real, sire bond or not.  Does Damon not think that Elena has feelings for him?  Does he not think he’s worthy of her love?  Yeah, he’s been burned too many times before and he’s still struggling with that guilt of taking Elena from Stefan, but it’s not like he dragged her into the dungeon kicking and screaming.  Can’t he let her go, break the bond, and she chooses to stay with him anyway?  I guess we find that out next week. 

So, it wasn’t one of The Vampire Diaries finest hours.  The pacing was slower than normal and they spent a lot of time on raising drama that really didn’t deserve all that build up.  Either she loves him or she doesn’t.  It’s not rocket science.  Plus Caroline’s character continues to be butchered, which adds to the cringe worthy factor.  But hey, it moved plot bunnies so that’s good enough.  I just wish there was more time for Damon and Stefan to get rowdy in New Orleans.  Maybe next time.  And dead Alaric can join them.  I think I just found an idea for a fan fiction!    

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