Ooh, piss off a few witches and see what happens? No one is spared, not even one of their own!

“Crescent City” had plenty of goodness, and I’m not even talking about the buck naked super hot werewolves that came out during the full moon (okay, I am). What I like about this show is while it follows The Vampire Diaries formula of twisty, it’s tightly woven and really clever too. I find that when I connect the dots, a recognizable picture forms. Like Celeste’s plan to hijack the Harvest. That was one very long, patient plan. Yet it played out beautifully. For Celeste anyway. For the rest of us watching our favorite characters twist in the wind, it’s agony!

Let’s start with poor Father Kieran. I really like him. He’s been slated high in the death pool ever since his first scene, but here I am each week hoping that he lives. When Bastiana came out of nowhere and applied the same hex on him that she did on Sean, I thought for sure it was this guy’s end. Heck, it still might be. But I loved how Klaus tried hard to save him. That’s a pretty interesting friendship, a priest and an original vampire. Kind of reminds me of a history teacher and a vampire (yep, still bitter about that). Sure Klaus could use the excuse that the padre is useful, or he’s Cami’s uncle, but I honestly believe he cares for Kieran. Which is why I thought Klaus would be the one to save him. But no, Klaus had to be a hot head and get himself in his own mess. So now it’s up to Cami. I think our spunky bartender is just the right person to come through. Please, please, save this man.

Next, welcome back to the living Monique Deveraux! Yeah, you’re evil, but hey, you’re looking good for a dead witch. There’s nothing like coming back from the dead by busting out of your own grave in front of tourists.  I wondered if one of the teens would rise after Papa Tunde met his end and I guess I got my answer. Despite the fact that Monique is clearly a puppet for Celeste and her traveling sisterhood of evil, I think she connected with Marcel. She probably sees how protective he was of Davina and if anything is going to end up saving her from going truly darkside, it’s that bond. He after all stepped in and protected her from Klaus so perhaps he’ll end up being the savior of the girls from this peril. Monique did say that all four of them would rise again and rid the quarter of vampires. I’m willing to bet when Davina rises, the plan will change and these girls will take control of their own destiny. But not without some intense struggle first!

They certainly ain’t getting help from Aunt Sophie. If I had to pick a character to die from the cast, she was number one on my list.  She was punished for being a non-believer and a slacker and I’d say Monique got that right. I thought she was a pretty weak witch and didn’t quite have that spark in the show that other characters have. I certainly wasn’t pleased with her behavior this week, doing whatever she could just so she could grab Monique and run.  That included sticking Papa Tunde’s blade into Klaus.  The fact that Cami refused the witches’ offer and gave the blade to Klaus only accented her inner strength and Sophie’s cowardly ways.  Failing to pick a side ended up being her undoing.  But to go like that from her evil, newly resurrected niece? That’s pretty harsh! Farewell Sophie. May your death be another incentive for Elijah to kick some witch tail.

Oh Elijah, just when I couldn’t love you more.   He figured it out that Sabine was Celeste. He just took all the clues and put it together because he’s a smart guy. That’s likely why Elijah was put in the position of picking who to save rather than being the one in peril. Perhaps Celeste still has a soft spot in her devious plan for revenge? Nah, she just knows how to mess with people, and this was the most appropriate punishment for Elijah in her eyes.  What’s the best way to piss off Elijah?  Mess with his family.  When he charged into the compound barking orders at the vampires after rescuing Hayley and Jackson, well, those witches are in deep trouble.  That’s the same anger he held when he took out Agnes.  I’m hedging my bets on the eldest living original.  

Speaking of Hayley, I wasn’t thrilled to hear there was a side story about the werewolves, but actually the party for her clan was quite charming!  I even enjoyed Rebekah letting loose and bonding with that incredibly hot blond werewolf, even if he ultimately did it under nefarious means.  Hayley and Jackson though, those two in their brief moments together had way more spark than Elijah and Hayley have had through the entire season.  Bring him back!  I really believe that Hayley will get the curse reversed.  Most of the times when declarations are made, I usually spout a “Yeah, good luck babe!”  But my confidence in her was as big as Jackson’s.  Those two are truly meant to be.  No, I’m not just saying that so I can have some more delicious eye candy to stare at every week in Jackson’s rugged form.  Oh, alright, I am.  

So, it all ends with Klaus in painful agony and missing with a hexed blade in his chest, Rebekah captured and wounded by werewolf bites, Sophie dead on the street, Father Kieran a dead man walking (noooo!!!), Hayley losing that beautiful mansion to the fire (please restore it, please??), Marcel determined to do whatever it takes to get Davina back, Cami ready to fight the witches by helping the vampires, and Elijah mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.  In other words, another day at the office!  Enjoy your Olympics break everyone. 

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