Welcome to a new segment! This is my way of killing a long summer break by looking back at my favorite shows of the season past and revealing ten scenes that I loved, or ten scenes that had me warming up the TV brick, aka the lowlights.

Today I’m starting with my top show, Supernatural. Why not kick off the segment in a positive light? I’m starting with “Ten Highlights of Supernatural Season 10.”   These aren’t in any particular order. Just how they came to mind when glancing at an episode guide.

“Book of the Damned” – Episode 18

The reveal that Sam took The Book of the Damned and gave it to Rowena. I love The Who. On paper, using “Behind Blue Eyes” sounds really contrived, but this so worked. Bravo for weaving this song of betrayal with the montage of Sam’s guilty and desperate act.

But my dreams, they aren’t as empty, as my conscience seems to be…

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