I’ve been a little behind this summer in my reviews and recaps!  As television shows come back for the fall, remember that Syfy is still airing Season Four of Warehouse 13. I figured I would do a combined effort with the last three episodes to catch my reviews up.

Ramblings On…Warehouse 13 Season 4 Episodes 5, 6 and 7  

I’ve been a little behind this summer in my reviews and recaps!  As television shows come back for the fall, remember that Syfy is still airing Season Four of Warehouse 13. I figured I would do a combined effort with the last three episodes to catch my reviews up.

In Episode 4.05 “No Pain, No Gain”, Myka and Pete go to investigate the bizarre heeling capabilities of a hockey player while Mrs. Frederick sends Claudia an invitation to lunch.  

There were so many things I really loved about this episode! For me it is always a hit or miss with Pete.  Sometimes he annoys me greatly, but other times he is just so endearing.  I loved his “sassy best friend” schtick in this episode, and some of his one liners are gold.  My favorite: “Give me popcorn and a tampon because I’m watching a romantic comedy."  

Finding out that Pete wants Myka to have a child because she’s like family to him was adorable. I really enjoyed the focus of the episode being more on them and their “relationship”.  It does make me wonder about what kind of LOVE Pete is talking about.  Just a sister?  Or more?  With the X-Files, I shipped Mulder and Scully, but only after the show ended.  I wanted them to end up together, but I didn’t want the show to degrade to being all about their relationship.  I think I feel some of that about Myka and Pete. In this episode Myka had the chance with Mike the hockey player.  I think I would like to see Mike show up again sometime.  Hopefully there is a little bit of a chance for Myka to have a bit of a relationship.

“No Pain, No Gain” in some ways reminded me of Supernatural.  The episode made me laugh and then cry.  After laughing through all Pete’s “You go girl”s I wound up in the end all teary.  

Early in the episode, we see a shock of grey hair in Mrs. Frederick’s amazing hair and wonder if maybe she is taking another step closer to setting up Claudia to take over her job.  Mrs. Frederick brings Claudia to see the birth of an artifact.  We see that artifacts aren’t just created by great people, but sometimes by amazing moments by normal people.  This woman’s bracelet became an artifact when she risked her life to save an infant from getting shot.  Mrs. Frederick also lets Claudia know that not all artifacts are bad, that is something that happens later. This new artifact belongs to this woman, so they will leave it with her.  Mrs. Frederick brought Claudia to meet her grandson, now old and grey and living in a nursing home.  Claudia asks her about her son, and learns that Mrs. Frederick’s son is long gone.  It gives us a moment of being able to see just what it means to have Mrs. Frederick’s job.  It means you have to watch as those you love grow old and die.  “Not all wonder is endless, Claudia."

Episode 4.06, “Fractures” focuses on Artie and his relationship with Vanessa while everyone is dealing with an artifact they already recovered somehow out causing mischief again.  Artie wants to step up his relationship with Vanessa a bit–but he is worried about the “timing”. The problem he has been trying to cover up is coming to a head. Someone is getting in and undoing Artie’s life work. Alice trapped in Lewis Carol’s mirror has somehow gotten out of the Warehouse and figured out how to jump bodies. She is now going after Artie.  We also find out her story–how Alice got trapped in the mirror…and Myka has to wonder about the Warehouse’s ability to turn people crazy.  

As Vanessa, Alice says that this is about so much more.  What is that about?  We also finally see the scene that Artie has foreseen with Claudia! 

This episode focused on hiding things from people you care about to protect them…and the various stages of it not working.  Artie is trying to keep his time travel to save the Warehouse secret still, but someone is trying to sabotage that. He is acting secretive with everyone and distancing himself.  By the end of the episode, Artie has decided that having a relationship with Vanessa is a mistake.  Steve was trying to keep his secret about what he has found out about his connection with Claudia.  By the end of the episode this does come out.  


In 4.07 “Endless Wonder”, something is making people taller. Artie sends Pete and Myka to Indiana to investigate.  They get the sneaking suspicion that Artie was trying to get them away from the Warehouse for some reason.  While Pete and Myka are away, Claudia and Steve try to find out what is going on with Artie.

NEW CHARACTER!  It looks like Deb (Danielle Nicolet) may be around the Warehouse more!  I liked Deb.  She was the woman who worked for the pharmaceutical company that actually wanted to do good (Deb, not the pharmaceutical company).  She saw the positive applications for the wonders in the Warehouse, and because she tracks down Pete ("This is the worst one night stand EVER"), and Pete has a good feeling about her, one of my favorite Regents, (dude who played Osiris on Supernatural, Faran Tahir), suggests Pete tell her about the Warehouse.  Pete figured that Kosan would just erase her mind after, but it appears the Regents have other plans.  I liked Deb's inquisitive personality and the fact that she is short!  She wears great platform heels to make herself taller. Quite the plunging neckline for a pharmaceutical rep though…

Speaking of wardrobes, I feel like Myka needs to call Agent Dana Scully to find out a little more about appropriate clothing for a government agent.  Because–seriously?  She had a see-through shirt on under a stylized leather jacket. I just cannot envision any government agency that would be ok with that get up–even if she is hunting down bizarre artifacts…I also still have yet to figure out the mess that is her Season Four hair…   Pete gets some, so I guess the interesting thing will be if there will be some in the Warehouse drama with Pete and Deb.  They seem to be both cool with things, so maybe they’ll both laugh off the random sexcapade and just move onto working together.  We’ll just have to wait and see!   So that wraps up my update on Warehouse 13!  Starting this week I will be writing Warehouse 13 and Revolution!  Let me know what you think about the shows!

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