Sometimes episodes that have so much to put into place end up being, well, a bit staid.  “A House Divided” was quite staid, as in dull.  Sure there was Collier’s backstory to help us learn how he became the person he is today.  However, whereas “Flesh and Blood” worked to fill us in on Elias’ history, Collier’s backstory ended up simply being someone disillusioned because his brother died from being falsely convicted – blah, blah, blah.  Perhaps if Collier was someone with a bit more charisma – like Elias – I would care more.  I don’t.

Reese, Root, and Shaw working together, and then Reese and Root working together (yeah!) were the best parts.  Add to that the arrival of Hersh and a whole new mix of the three musketeers being born and this was fun.  Greer and Finch chewing dialogue while seated and Control showing her backbone to gain support for Samaritan was necessary window dressing, but not something that makes me want to come inside and buy.

Sorry, Person of Interest, but for a penultimate episode, which put all the necessary pieces in place, I’ll grant you, much of it had me bored and wishing for it to end so I could go to bed.  While I do love the bigger mythology of this show, there is a part of me that wonders how many times we can go to the same well – Finch kidnapped.  Hmm, by my count, that’s three times in as many seasons.  Yeah, here’s hoping that in Season 4, Finch doesn’t get kidnapped anymore.  It’s losing its dramatic element.  (As an aside, did you see the previews?  SPOILER – the library is infiltrated.  Me thinks that set piece is gonzo after this season.)

There is plenty of drama to come in the final episode, and I’m still betting that no one is safe, well, aside from Finch, Reese, and Shaw.  Other than that, all bets are off.  Although, I feel pretty safe about Fusco too (oh, I hope I didn’t just mess that up!)  Bear wearing a doggie vest next week is meant to show us how high the stakes are, and perhaps be a bit of foreshadowing (NO!) and Root certainly made a case for forecasting her own demise.  But, if Control gets killed and Greer gets killed – likely sweeping Samaritan away in the process, Root could stick around to head up the Relevant side of things, but then again, this show does tend to reinvent itself.  Season 4 could start back at the beginning:  big picture things seemingly dormant (but surely simmering away to delicious readiness) while Irrelevants galore take up center stage – with Elias leading the charge (Hey, a girl can hope!)

But, I digress by wondering at next season when there is still one more episode left to this one.


“A House Divided” built upon Beta:  Samaritan is seeking full operational status, Root’s team of techie geeks hooked up their hardware (and just how did they get all that inside Finch’s safe house and then back out again?) for reasons not yet known, but that’s all to set the stage for next week, Hersh has joined forces with Reese and Shaw as each side wants their ‘leader’ back safe and sound from Vigilance, and even Greer’s motives are revealed – he wants a utopia where logic rules, not special interests of any kind.  Good luck, Greer.  As the Machine has shown – and no doubt Samaritan will also achieve – everything has an interest, special or otherwise.

From a mythology standpoint of building to the finale, “Beta” and “A House Divided” were excellent; however, they missed for the most part that aspect of Person of Interest that I love the most – personal stories.  They tried with Collier, but as he is cold, distant, and mysteriously not interesting – the exact opposite of Elias, I didn’t connect.

Ah, well, it was still better than watching…(yeah, you can fill in your own blank here.)

I know it wasn’t my most positive review, but hey, there’s always next week!

Thanks for reading.


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