Nicole Murray has been writing reviews for a recently closed Supernatural site SaltedandBurned since the Fifth Season episode “99 Problems”.  Her “firstest” friend (they have known each other since they were three) made her promise to sit down and watch Supernatural starting with the first season when the show was on hiatus between the third and fourth seasons.  By the time she got to the Scarecrow episode, Nicole called that friend and yelled at her for not telling her Kim Manners was involved in the show.

A long time X-Files fan, Nicole was able to recognize Kim’s directing style before even paying attention to the show enough to watch the credits.  She has been hooked ever since.   When she isn’t obsessing about Supernatural and other TV shows, Nicole runs, reads, acts, yogasizes, and writes in her blog: Most recently, she created a vlog that goes live on Sundays.  By day, she attempts to fund her obsessions working as an attorney.

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