Alice Jester is currently the founder, creator, editor-in-chief, site developer, moderator, and admin for TV For The Rest of Us. This is her second site launch.  TVFTROU was created as a sister site of the very successful, rather busy The Winchester Family Business, a Supernatural fan and discussion site.  

Alice has been pretty lucky in her entertainment writing experiences.  Thanks to connections through Supernatural, she’s been able to interview TV actors and producers from numerous TV shows.  TV For The Rest of Us was initially created as an archive site for all of Alice’s interviews and show profiles.  However, turns out the Supernatural fan base and others like to watch and discuss other shows as well, so the concept was expanded.  A site where TV can be discussed and analyzed in different ways.  “TV with a slightly different view.”

No doubt about it, sometimes between The Winchester Family Business, TV For The Rest of Us, and life as a working wife and mother (not to mention 4 pets), Alice often wonders if she’s bitten off more than she can chew.  Thanks to an amazing set of writers at both sites, luckily she doesn’t have to do this alone.  It’s Alice’s dream to make TVFTROU as successful as The Winchester Family Business someday.  In the meantime, she just hopes to continue writing about her main love, TV.

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