Some good news from the TCA (Television Critics Association) NBC executive session today for “Revolution.”  NBC President Bob Greenblatt announced their plans to air a six minute segment of “Revolution” pilot on August 4th at 10:54 pm, right before the very high interest swimming event of Michael Phelps going for yet another gold medal.  This is on top of the full airings of new comedies “Go On” and “Animal Practice” on Aug. 8 and Aug. 12 respectively.  

This actually makes me smile, and not just because I’m glad “Revolution” at least is getting this kind of exposure.  I’m dying to see how Bob Costas will sell the intro for these “breaks” in crucial sports action so a desperate network can plug it’s new programming.  

NBC is also previewing samples of their pilots for their other falls series online at and Hulu.  

Since we’re on the subject of the NBC session at the TCA’s, here’s some other notable comments to come out of there:  

–  Somehow, NBC is a third place network.  Well, sort of.  Tied for third.  In 18-49.  I do believe a lot of that had to do with “Sunday Night Football.”  If it works for advertisers, gloat away!  

–  In the continuing “We’re in third place but still really desperate,” message, they’re bringing back Thursday night specials of “Saturday Night Live” in September to plug gaping holes in their lineup left by “30 Rock” not coming back until later.  

–  I absolutely LOVE this quote.  There is concern that bringing back “The Voice” for two cycles in the Fall and Winter will overexpose or wear out the show a bit.  Bob Greenblatt put it this way, “I will just say that almost every reality franchise does two cycles per season and one could argue that ‘American Idol’ and ‘X Factor’ are the same show.”  Oh, that doesn’t reek of desperation at all, does it?  

–  NBC insists this isn’t the end of “Community,”  it will be the same show without showrunner Dan Harmon, and they have hopes that it’ll find a following on Friday night along with “Whitney.”  Okay.

–  He loves Howard Stern as an “America’s Got Talent” judge.  You know, I actually agree with him.  Howard really has brought something to that show.  I think people aren’t watching because we’re getting sick of singers winning every year.  Notice how the only non-singer to win, Terry Fator, is the only AGT winner to have a headlining show in Vegas?

–  NBC turned down “The Mindy Project?”  Oh my, that’s so going to bite them in the ass.  Love the “It’s a great show for Fox” excuse.  Especially when Fox is number one in 18-49.  “We’re looking for stuff that doesn’t live in the middle.”  That’s excu-speak for, “We couldn’t afford it.” 

–  Greenblatt defended “Rock Center,” saying it was different from “Dateline.”  Yes, that’s true.  “Dateline” gets far more viewers.  

All notes were gathered thanks to the live blog by Daniel Fienberg of Hitfix.  Thanks so much for the coverage!


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