Well FOX went and made things easy on us!  All their pilot pickups and cancellations are official now.  Now the only bear left is a schedule with more shows than slots available. 

There’s no real big surprises in FOX’s pilot pickup list at all.  The shows picked up were all considered to be strong front runners.  What’s very interesting is the number of pilots picked up.  Four dramas and five comedies.  That’s pretty bold considering they have about 2 slots available.  


Some are speculating these shows will be used to fill a hole or two created by American Idol, because the show is getting completely retooled.  They want to fire Uncle Nigel!  And all the judges.  Except Randy Jackson, who one upped everyone and quit!  I knew the dawg was pretty smart.  I don’t think X-Factor is gaining a lot of confidence beyond next season either.  

Here’s the list.  It’s a pretty good one!  





Gang Related

Sleepy Hollow

Almost Human (formerly Inhuman, Human, and the Untitled JH Wyman Project


On a personal note, I’m very happy to see JH Wyman come back to Fox with another show.  




Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Formerly Untitled Goor and Schur Project)

Dads (now upped to 13 episodes)

Us and Them (Formerly Friends and Family)

Surviving Jack (Formerly I Suck at Girls)


On the existing show side, only two shows had yet to get the final word of their fates.  As of right now, Touch is officially cancelled, The Cleveland Show is unofficially cancelled.  


Coming up with a fantasy schedule at Fox is very weird, because they have very distinct Fall and Winter schedules.  Below is an attempt to guess which new shows are going to air in the fall and which are going in the Winter.  It could be any of them.  Considering there are very few holes, this is getting creative!  





7:00 – Football overrun/repeats

7:30 (When no football overrun) – Bob’s Burgers

8:00 – The Simpsons

8:30 – Family Guy

9:00 – Dads/Brooklyn Nine-Nine

9:30 – Surviving Jack/Enlisted

Filling in the cracks in between:  American Dad




8:00 Rake

9:00 Gang Related (Fall)/The Following (Winter)




8:00 – Raising Hope

8:30 – Us and Them

9:00 – New Girl

9:30 – The Mindy Project




8:00 – 10:00 – The X-Factor/American Idol

9:30 (when needed) – Just pick any comedy in the mix.  They all work.  Or Brooklyn Nine-Nine could go here and Fox could finally tame it’s overblown competitive reality shows.  Nah.  




8:00 – The X-Factor, American Idol results

9:00 – Glee




8:00 – Bones

9:00 – Almost Human(Fall)/Sleepy Hollow (Winter) (Or vice versa.  I just don’t know where else to put these on the schedule).  




8:00 – 10:00 College Football, NASCAR, repeats, whatever suits your fancy


Filling in the blanks (After all, shows like Bones only get 22 episodes and there’s 36 weeks in the season):  Kitchen Nightmares, other ill-advised reality


I dare you all to come up with a better schedule!  Actually, I’m sure you can.  I feel like I did a complete puzzle and I have pieces left. We’ll know the true alchemy used for the schedule come Monday, May 13th at FOX’s upfront presentation.  


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