FOX revealed it’s Fall schedule today in a pre-upfronts early morning conference call (I’ve never understood why they don’t wait a few hours until the presentation).  I can never get excited about a FOX schedule.  Maybe because too much reality takes the fewer slots they have compared to the other nets (minus The CW).  But hey, I got a few things right from my fantasy schedule.  Bones is going to Fridays, in late fall anyway.  I also nailed Wednesdays and Thursdays, which isn’t much of a stretch since they didn’t change from last season.  

The curious choice to me is Tuesdays.  Why would you do a guys oriented comedy block from 8 to 9 and a girls oriented comedy block from 9 to 10.  Are they trying to snare couples for the whole evening?  Ah well, that’s what happens when you’re a network with a tight schedule.  The price of success.  At least Mondays got interesting.  I might actually watch!  

There was one other thing mentioned in the conference call, American Idol is going through a retooling.  Again.  Because the one from last year, and the year before, and the year before…let’s say they aren’t working.  I’m not exactly sure what FOX can do to breathe life into that franchise.  It is just too old and tired.  If you notice, even The Voice isn’t producing new singing superstars.  But that’s only 19 Entertainment’s goal, not FOX’s.  Given the oversaturation of singing talent shows, I don’t see the big ratings coming back.    

Also, 24 is coming back!  It’s actually going to be special engagement limited run during the summer, and Jack Bauer is only going to have to experience a really bad half day.  Unless each of the 12 episodes represents two hours.  Stay tuned for that.  Mark your calendars for one year from now, May, 2014.  

The 2013 FOX Network Fall Schedule

8-9 PM – Bones (fall) / Almost Human (new; late fall)
9-10 PM – Sleepy Hollow (new; fall) / The Following (midseason)


8-8:30 PM – Dads (new)
8:30-9 PM – Brooklyn Nine-Nine (new)
9-9:30 PM – New Girl
9:30-10 PM – The Mindy Project


8-10 PM – The X Factor (fall) / American Idol (midseason)


8-9 PM – The X Factor Results (fall) / American Idol Results (midseason)
9-10 PM – Glee (fall) / Rake (new; midseason)


8-9 PM – Junior Masterchef (new; fall)/ Bones (late fall)
9-10 PM – Sleepy Hollow encores (fall)

9-9:30 PM – Raising Hope (late fall)
9:30-10 PM – Enlisted (new; late fall)

7-10:30 PM – Fox Sports Saturday
11 PM-12:30 AM – Animation Domination (aka repeats of the Sunday animated shows)


7-7:30 PM – NFL Game (fall)
7-8 PM – The OT (fall)
8-8:30 PM – The Simpsons
8:30-9 PM – Bob’s Burgers
9-9:30 PM – Family Guy
9:30-10 PM – American Dad

Being held for Midseason, time and night TBD:

Gang Related, Us and Them, Surviving Jack, Murder Police (new animated series)

So, what are you going to watch?  I’m especially curious if there’s still any X-Factor viewers out there.  


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