Updated 9:00 pm:  The fate of the remaining bubble shows have been decided.  As you recall, Criminal Minds was officially renewed a day or two ago.  So the remaining shows, CSI: NY, Golden Boy, Vegas, and long-time survivor Rules of Engagement have all been cancelled.  No surprises there, but that does free up some slots for shows.  Rumor has it, CBS plans on order two to three more pilots. 

Updated 6:05 pm:  Two pilots can be added to the “not going forward list.”  Untitled Tad Quill and Untitled Rottenburg/Zuritsky.  That’s what you get for being untitled! 

The networks are busy with all their last minute announcements before this Friday before upfronts comes to an end (on the west coast anyway) ends, and CBS is the latest to announce pilot pickups.  They’ve picked up two drama and four comedies.  That’s so far, but one wonders where there is room to work in anything else! The new series for 2013 – 2014 are:




Crazy Ones
The Millers (
formerly Greg Garcia Untitled)
We Are Men
(formerly Ex-Men)

Notably absent from the drama list so far is the front runner, Beverly Hills Cop.  Another omission, the NCIS: LA spinfoff, NCIS: RED.  Two highly buzzed about pilots, Backstrom and Super Clyde, are missing as well.   It has not been reported yet that any of the other remaining pilots have been officially rejected, but considering the very limited slots on the CBS schedule, it’s not looking too great. 

I’ll provide updates here as they come in. Also, come back here very soon for the CBS fantasy schedule.  They’re going last because honestly, it won’t look much different from what it currently is.  That’s the fun of being the number one network. 

For those that don’t remember what any of these pilots are, here’s the list and detailed info:


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