If there’s a network that has the least amount of buzz for its pilots so far, it’s FOX.  Maybe because there isn’t much room on the schedule to actually air these shows.  Still, a few look promising. 

Since we last looked at FOX   there was one bit of table read drama (nothing like NBC though).  Tom Berenger walked away from Gang Related, but luckily this is FOX and they know the art of backup casting!  They found a far more suitable replacement, TV mainstay Terry O’Quinn.  That has only helped the chances of that show. 

Also, shooting for Wild Blue was pushed to off cycle because they couldn’t secure an aircraft carrier to shoot the pilot on in time.  If they didn’t have one for the pilot, what will they do if it gets picked up for series?  I can’t imagine tying up aircraft carriers for that amount of time.  Anyway, that’s no longer a contender for the fall schedule.  The network still has high hopes for the show though, so look for that possibly showing up midseason. 

The Untitled J.H. Wyman project has a title!  It’s Inhuman, although I’ve also seen it called Human, so pick one.  The Untitled Goor/Schur Project has a title as well, Brooklyn 99

There aren’t too many pilots that have been completed yet for FOX, so a lot of what you’re reading below is based on warm fuzzies and whatever people were talking about that day.  Plus Deadline. 


Front Runner:  Rake.  Boomerang is also very high on everyone’s list, but the pilot is still being shot in Washington D. C. so it’s too early to tell.

In Contention:  Gang Related and The List, although some are speculating it will be one or the other.  There’s some great early buzz about Inhuman, but pundits are concerned that there isn’t room for that project and Sleepy Hollow.  If that’s true, which one wins? 

Dark Horse:  Delirium, although this is honestly here because there isn’t much word on it and I don’t know where else to put it. 


Front Runner:  Brooklyn 99.  I have to admit, I’m actually interested in this one!  This is coming from someone who hasn’t watched a FOX comedy since Malcom in the Middle.

In Contention:  Enlisted and I Suck at GirlsEnlisted especially is getting attention because FOX is considering working in some male skewing comedies with its male oriented Sunday animation block.  That’s where already ordered Dads is rumored to be getting a slot.  Speaking of Dads, they’re very lucky they got that six episode order, because the pilot didn’t go very well and some retooling is happening. 

Not dead:  Friends and Family and To My Future AssistantThe Gabriels isn’t dead either, although so far reaction to the pilot is mixed.  It didn’t live up to its potential let’s say. 

No word yet:  Lifestyle Lemonaid and Two Wrongs.  I don’t even think these pilots have been shot yet. 

And..that’s all.  Exciting, huh?  Up next, NBC’s troubles just continue to multiply. 

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