When I initially did the roundtable interview at Comic Con with The Flash/Barry Allen himself, Grant Gustin, I thought I had a pretty cool interview.  Seven minutes is a gift with most of these roundtable interviews anymore!  It wasn’t until I was transcribing though that I noticed that Grant in a very sly way dropped a major spoiler, one that the writers have since confirmed!  I’m pretty excited about it, and this is coming from someone who knows squat about her Flash comic lore.  See if you can catch it and then when you do, see how fast you’ll be counting down the days until season two.  

Below is the video and the full transcript of the interview.  Enjoy, Grant is not only easy on the eyes, but he’s a pretty confident interviewee too.  A true fanboy at heart. 

Have you seen Batman/Superman unfolding downstairs?

Everyone’s like, “What are you most excited to see?” and I won’t be able to see anything obviously because this day is so busy.  Apparently my suit is on display near the Batman and Superman suit which just blows my mind and I just want to go see those suits and I can’t.  

How badass was that cliffhanger?

I thought it was badass. 

What do you expect to happen at the beginning (of the season)? 

When we’re coming back we’re going to see how the singularity affected everybody and king of piece together exactly what happened because it’s not a completely direct pickup.  Barry, The Flash rather, is getting a lot of acclaim from the city for being a hero at this point and Barry’s having a hard time with that just because as we all know Eddie stopped Wells.  He was the hero that day and Barry knows that and I think he’s having a hard time dealing with the attention and he’s kind of shunned everybody that he works with because he doesn’t want to anyone else to have to die and he’s going about things a different way we find at the beginning of season 2. 

The suit is down there as I saw.  One thing I noticed though is it has the white emblem.  Is that a thing that we’re going to see?

That’s a thing, yeah.  I shot in my suit on the first or second day of filming and I was in the red emblem.  But yeah, I will be in that suit pretty soon.  

Have you asked Andrew (Kreisberg) and team about an all musical episode given the chops you all have? 

No, I have not (laughs) although I am pushing just like fun in general for the show and maybe even the Karaoke bar becoming a frequent place we could go and bring Cisco.  Just have it be a set we can hang out on and squeeze in Karaoke moments here and there.  I think a musical episode is like a season ten type of thing if we make it.  

Not in terms of powers but in terms of Barry as character emotionally, how do you think the events of season one changed him as he’s going into season two?

I think the biggest thing as season one was winding down I think he was getting confidence, and he was feeling like he knew what he was doing, he had that team behind him, they all felt like they could take down these metahumans and they were doing some good.  He was this hero that everyone said he was.  But that’s like said it’s all been turned on it’s head a little bit in season two.  Barry’s going to spend I think a lot of season two maturing and trying to find confidence again, he’s working with a new mentor that’s going to help him hone some new powers pretty early on in the season.  He discovers a new power in the second episode actually that I’m pretty excited about. 

How many episodes have you shot or read?

We shot two days on episode one.  

Are there any crossovers with Legends of Tomorrow or Arrow already?

There’s some crossovers already planned but nothing that we’ve shot.  Throughout the year and probably at the end of the year.  I think it’s going to be start to be the staple, I think it was episode 8 last year The Flash and Arrow had their crossovers, I think that’s going to be the time of every year (knocks on the table) if we still have TV shows that’s when we’ll cross over.  

Is the mentor in relation to the Jay Garrick revelation that Geoff tossed out yesterday?  

The mentor character?  Could be (laughs).  

The whole crossover thing, how badly do you want a crossover with Superman? 

I said from the beginning that would be my favorite DC character to have on the show.  Even a Clark Kent cameo.  

Or Supergirl.

Yeah, different network, same universe, same creators.  Me and Melissa know each other from our Glee days.  I’d love to work with her again.  I think it would be fun. 

Flash has become the first TV show to have a same sex marriage.  What do you think Barry Allen’s reaction would be to the recent same sex marriage ruling?  

I think it probably would be similar how I feel about it.  I bring a lot of my heart to the character.  I  don’t think that’s a thing to Barry on the show, that his boss is a gay man married to another gay man.  I don’t think that it’s a thing to Barry.  It kind of is what it is.  

Would he celebrate with him? 

Yeah, if he was invited.  He probably wasn’t invited, but I would imagine he sent him a congratulations bouquet or something.  

What are your favorite TV shows right now?

I’m always behind.  I’m not watching much right now to be honest because when I’m shooting I can’t watch anything.  The Walking Dead, I never miss an episode, I’ve seen that all the way through.  I’m only just now starting Mad Men (that gets a What? reaction).  Yeah, I know I’ve never watched Mad Men before.  Whenever somebody asks this question I can’t ever think of the shows I’m watching so pretty much anything. 

Is there something coming up this season that you can’t wait for the fans to see?

I don’t know too much about what else is to come, I know some vague things, other than the two episodes that I’ve read.  Yeah, things that have been vaguely mentioned with mentors and iconic characters and what now that were teased in the season finale even, that’s the biggest thing that I’m excited about.  

Do you know the current Flash run in the comics?


Do you think you can ever talk Andrew into doing a Blue Flash storyline?

I don’t think I have to talk him into it (laughs).  That doesn’t mean anything.  He would want to do it is all I’m saying without me pushing him in that direction.  

What gets easier about playing this character?  Is the action get easier? 

Yes.  Everything about shooting has becomes easier. Effects, I know how they work now, we have guest directors all the time so it’s more helpful now that certain things that they’re maybe slightly confused about I understand how we usually shoot them so that’s become easier for sure.  I know what to expect in general when I read a page.  I don’t think “Oh, that’s cool.”  I’m like, “Oh, that’s what’s going to take to shoot this episode and this moment.”  It all becomes  mentally less of a strain just because you know what you’re in for.  

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