This interview got off to a great start.  It was Lyndsy’s turn at our table, but Melinda Clarke hadn’t got up yet to finish her turn.  So Lyndsy sat down on her lap! They had a really cute exchange, which I captured most of in the video.  

The video might be a little hard to hear.  The room got very noisy and my newer video camera was running out of battery power (a problem that has since been rectified thanks to a quick trip to Fry’s).  I had to use my older camcorder (rule of an IT person, always have a backup plan) and the sound on that isn’t as good. Still, what I captured was another really great interview.  I think after three years of doing this, the Comic-Con press conference has become second nature to Lyndsy.  She really has come a long way since the first season.  

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.  SPOILER ALERT!

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