“In order to fight a Hexenbiest like Adalind, you need a Hexenbiest like me.” 

I like Captain Renard’s mom – who cares if she’s had some work.  Those Wesen bent on causing trouble at the Spice Shop are in for a nasty surprise – but that’s for next week, and that’s a Rosalee and Monroe storyline that perhaps will have some relation to Nick, but will definitely be continued character development for the two of them.  Good, they deserve more than simply talking about or worrying about Nick.  I love it when they do that, but I love their personal story as well.  It’s a nice reminder that even with all the big conspiracies raging in the Wesen/Grimm/Royals universe, and don’t forget the Resistance, there are still personal lives and dreams being carried on.


Speaking of storylines, I hesitate to make predictions regarding them, mostly because I’m terrible at it, but also because I’ve learned to enjoy the ride – even as some things annoy.  With that in mind, I’m guessing that Nick’s lack of Grimm powers continues at least through mid-season.  It may go all season, but I’m thinking Nick is a bit more interested in pursuing the return of his powers after this episode.  His look and talk with Hank at the end regarding Trubel, and the realization that while he remains a good cop with or without Grimm powers, his job has definitely gotten harder, made me think he’s leaning hard to getting his powers back.  Next week’s dustup at the Spice Shop with the Wesen, likely upset about Rosalee and Monroe’s inter-Wesen marriage, will probably delay some activity there, or it may just allow Mama Renard to display some awesome Hexenbiest power.  I’m looking forward to whatever happens there.  Finally, a role that gives Louise Lombard a chance to show her abilities, she’s fabulous!

A storyline that I fear will last a bit longer than Nick’s lack of Grimmness is Sergeant Wu and should they or shouldn’t the tell him.  I’ve been a proponent of keeping him in the dark, however, he’s about a Blutbot whisker away from the truth, stop lying to the man and stop ignoring him and let him in on it.  Hank and Juliette, whose opinions I listen to the most on this particular matter because they both know what Wu is going through, have stated their stance.  Hopefully Nick agrees sooner or later.  His lack of Grimm powers means nothing on this front.  He clearly wants Trubel off Renard’s radar, and Wu can help with that.

By the way, did anyone else find it interesting that Renard didn’t give up Kelly Burkhardt as the person keeping baby Diana safe?  Interesting that Renard is fine with his mom knowing Nick’s a Grimm and that he needs help in restoring his powers, but he’s not about to tell her about Kelly being alive or keeping his daughter safe.  No one?  Well, perhaps I’m just extra curious on that matter.  😉  I’d love a Kelly/Elizabeth scene.


As for Adalind, well, I’m glad she’s out of the dungeon, although I don’t believe this is a good thing for her.  I suppose it’s possible the Resistance had an insider who guided her out, time will tell.  I do like that she and Nick have an unforeseen connection post-Adalind’s spell.  I wonder if this will lead to a Renard/Nick trip to Austria to free her.  Even better, will this lead to Kelly Burkhardt’s return?  That would be a definite plus.  It’s hard to want Adalind as an ally, but I love her vulnerability regarding her daughter.  Just what will she think of Kelly taking baby Diana away?

Trubel, Trubel, Trubel, I’m not sure why you lied to Nick.  Sure, sure, you know you’re the only Grimm in town currently, but you also know that Nick knows a heck of a lot more about all things Grimm than you do.  Yes your life has been hard and listening to people and being cared about is hard for you, but still, you’re smart; you should have told him, but that’s drama for you.  I don’t know what FBI Wesen-Agent Chavez has in store for Trubel, but it’s going to be a problem to be sure.  And it’s one that Nick is going to have to clean up, yet another reason to get his Grimm powers back.


Season 4 is off to a rousing start with Grimm clearly finding its groove in using the weekly monsters as a means to an end:  offering character insight through the lens of another, all while percolating the various mythology storylines parallel to the crime or monster of the week.  Good for you, Grimm.  This seems to be the perfect blend of procedural and serial storytelling for you.  Keep it up.

Until next week, thanks for reading, Elle2

(Photos courtesy of NBC.com)

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