The second episode of Cult aired last night and I have to say this is one of the few times where the second episode was even with the first.  That’s not necessarily a good thing considering the pilot was somewhat weak, but the good news is they haven’t lost me yet.  I’m not going to call this show brilliant and avant-garde, but the second episode defined the path of this series a little better for me.  This is playing out at its core to be a whacked out, completely twisted murder mystery.  Each week drags us deeper into this netherworld, spoon feeds us clues, and we’re supposed to connect the dots somehow.  After two episodes, my cheat sheet is a scattered, dotted mess. 

“In The Blood” was all about building that mystery, leaving us several clues while not forgetting the relevant events of last week.  I at least enjoyed the parallels of what was happening in the TV show with what has happening in real life this week.  The back and forth was more seamless and easier to understand.  I’m still not sure where they are going with the behind the scenes drama of the show, but I’m still assuming that’s there for a reason and not filler. 

In the meantime, we got to know Jeff and Syke a bit better, and their partnership is growing on me.  I’m especially pleased that we got Skye’s real motivation for helping Jeff.   Her Dad disappeared ten years ago because he was investigating an unknown writer by the name of Steven Rea, who was working on something called “Cult.”  It makes her role in this that more plausible.  Plus, it gave Jeff and Skye a bonding moment. 

Something definitely weird is going on here, and some of the scenes were borderline disturbing.  I’ve seen some weird crap pass the sensors before on The CW (Supernatural has really gotten away with some stuff), but wrapping poor captured network guy (yeah, I haven’t gotten his name yet) in cellophane and giving his lips a stitched makeover with a fishing line and hook (?) was even too graphic for my tastes, and I’m pretty laid back about these sort of things.  Also, can the cultish bald lady cop be any more obvious?  I am interested though why such a decorated cop got involved in all this mess though.

Speaking of Supernatural, I’m sure many recognized the location of the Chuck E Cheese type restaurant in this episode as the same place they filmed the SPN ep, “Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie.”  I was already disturbed enough to see that setting in a story about a killer assistant manager, so having a dark cult show set there and being part of the twisted story (severed fingers for example) didn’t help me.  I swear I’m never setting foot in Chuck E. Cheese again.  Nate was spotted there though, with the husband of the lady that blew her brains out last week.  That’s supposed to be important, right?
We learn through the husband these wackos doing all these evildoings in the classic car (still looking for the make, model and year) are the “True Believers.”  One of these people, the long haired brunette from last week, turns out to be a barista at the Cult lounge.  She’s got her eyes on the actor playing Billy Grimm, which can’t be good.  The husband held a weird funeral for one for his wife, gave paper scrolls or something to bald eagle cop in total fear in the middle of it, and got himself blown up later at his house in the process, going out with the infamous tagline, “Well, hey, these things just snap right off.”  Could that be some form of mind control?  I’m hoping they don’t string us too far along before we find out, because I’m sure audience patience is being tested at this point. 

Adding to the mysterious tagline and the “M” disk from last week, there’s a symbol with three arms each holding a dagger, and a gold coin.  Got it.  I suppose we’re supposed to accumulate these clues long enough to have a “Eureka!” moment like Nate, just before he disappeared for knowing too much.  After all, we’re next. 

I also want to slap silly the stupid marketing asshat that came up with the idea to send creepy videos of Billy Grimm to people’s phones when they register on the website.  I hope it’s that dude who’s in his own shrink-wrapped peril right now. 

Cult so far isn’t lighting barns on fire, and the characters other than the two leads aren’t capturing attention, but I’m still interested is seeing where this goes.  Maybe it’s because I’m bored on Tuesdays, or maybe it’s just I’m giving The CW credit for trying something different.  Mostly it’s because of my love affair with Matt Davis.  This network knows me too well.  Cult currently earns a rating of 2 and a half ?’s out of four. 

What do you think?  Is Cult keeping your attention so far?

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