We got to start off by having some casual conversation.  Adam’s no stranger to Comic Con and being a fan cult hero (Firefly).  He started by asking how our Comic Con was going so far.  He admitted he hadn’t been out to the floor yet but hoped to do so after the signing.  He did notice one thing…


“There are many hats floating around that are nostalgic for me.  Yes, those orange knitted hats from a show long, long ago and far, far away.  So there’s that, it’s always nice to see, people are very supportive of my work in the past.  I like that.”


Are you going to cry when you film the final episode.  One manly tear?


I think five years is a good run.  Again, I’m not convinced that this will be the end, I’m just not.  I can’t speculate.  No, I’ll let Zachie do all the crying and blubbering.


What will we see of Casey this year?  


I’m a little confused about this Gertude Verbanski character that’s being threatened upon me.  Hopefully she’ll be somebody who’s funny.  Gertrude Verbanski, she’s another rival agency that comes in contact with Chuck’s new company and apparently Fedak and the boys have it in the head that we’re gonna get friendly.  I don’t know who that is, I haven’t been told. 


What about Casey’s relationship with his daughter going forward? 


I really hope that they make her part of the team somehow.  I am hopeful that they’ll bring Alex, played by Mekenna Melvin, onto the team and go on some missions too because I think she can kick ass.


What is your favorite part of the show?


That you can watch it with your family.  It’s a good hour of family viewing.  The characters are funny, it’s comedy.  It’s one of the few shows out there where you can have a little fun and surrender all sense of reality.  We don’t go for too much reality in this show.  The guy’s got a frickin computer in his head.


One of the things I love so much is the Morgan/Casey dynamic, how he’s become sort of a surrogate son and Casey’s taken him under his wing.  Can you talk a little about that and what to expect with that coming up?  


Morgan has the intersect in his head, Casey’s maybe gonna be a little jealous of that.  Trying to hide it, I would think.  Again, still worrying about the danger that Morgan would be putting Alex into just by the fact that he has the intersect in his head and he’s got Alex as his girlfriend.  So Casey is going to be worried about that.  It’s going to be a return to Casey’s worrying about Chuck in the first two seasons.


Since this may or may not be the final season, as an actor are you looking at the resume and seeing what’s next, what’s out there?


A little early for that, it’s only July.  No, that’s too far out.  Maybe looking in the fall, on toward Christmas.  


(My question!)  Is there anything you’d love to see Casey do before the show ends? 


I’d like to see him fire a bazooka maybe.  Or drive a tank. 


Going into the last episodes, is there going to be a resolution?  


We have a commitment for 13, so they’ll be obviously writing the arc to resolve itself.  Although last season could have been the end as well and that could have been just left as a cliffhanger as well, so maybe they’ll leave a trap door or two. 


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