Genre TV for fans, followers, addicts, and philosophers.  I know what you’re asking.  What does that mean?  Well, it goes back a few years. 

Back in 2008 I started a desperate search to find a fan friendly environment to talk about my new favorite show, Supernatural, and couldn’t find one.  Most of the sites that covered Supernatural either didn’t have great episode discussions or showed a bickering fandom  that had no respect for each other.  I knew that wasn’t representative of the general viewing population.  Given my skills as a software developer as well as a writer, I built and created The Winchester Family Business, a new kind of fan site.  We do news on that site, but our bread and butter has become the detailed reviews and meta analysis.  We value commentary and discussion over the general fan stuff.  Sure, we have fun too (who doesn’t enjoy a shirtless Winchester) but we like to analyze the show from all angles.  

The site has grown tremendously since that beginning and is considered to be one of the best (and biggest) Supernatural fan sites out there.  At least one where people are encouraged to show love for their show and still act like adults.  We’ve grown from one writer (me!) to fifteen and counting.  Our visitors love our concept and don’t feel intimidated by posting.

As it turns out though, myself and other writers for The Winchester Family Business love other TV shows too.  Particularly genre TV.  Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy, and even just plain dorky.  Considering Supernatural airs on the genre heavy CW network, we couldn’t help but notice their other shows too.  You’ll see a few of those featured here.  But we’re not limited to one network.  We’re not limited to broadcast or cable either.  Online shows are emerging as well, and we’ll never forget the classics either.  DVDs, DVRs, VOD and online viewing are our friends.  

I’ve had the honor of meeting casts and producers from other TV shows thanks to my visits to various comic and fandom conventions (including San Diego Comic Con), so you’ll see all of those interviews and reports here.  We love geek culture as well, which is why you might see shows like “Mythbusters” profiled.  We will talk about ratings, networks, and the broadcast industry in general, just because I find it all very interesting.  I sincerely doubt you’ll be reading about “Jersey Shore” here. There isn’t much to discuss there!   

The name “TV For The Rest of Us” was inspired by none other than Frank Costanza, the absolutely insane father of George Costanza on “Seinfeld.”  He created his own holiday, Festivus, because he was tired of the commericalism of Christmas.  The tagline was “Festivus for the rest of us.”  That spirit matches what we want to do here with TV commentary.  Except I don’t think you’ll be seeing the feats of strength or airing of grievances.  However, I am willing to make the aluminum pole our mascot!  

It’s my goal as we build and grow to make TV For The Rest of Us the site you think to come to after an episode airs and you’ve got questions or just want to read good commentary.  We’ll also have some fun previews and discussions.  Hopefully you’ll even feel free to post a comment or get involved in a discussion.  Commenting is optional and lurkers are most welcome.  Whether you be a fan, a follower, an addict, or a philosopher, we hope you’ll feel like you’re among friends here.  


Alice Jester
Editor in Chief, Site Creator, Developer, and Head Writer


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