Ah, that’s better. Welcome back real Elijah and Marcel.  I missed you.

With “An Unblinking Death,”  the title alone gave away what we were getting this ep. There was plenty of death alright, but I won’t go into semantics over how “unblinking” they were.  Although one death in particular poses an interesting crossover question.

Farewell Father Kieran, I’ll miss you. Yours was hardly a ceremonious death. It was about as painful and brutal as they go, and to make things worse you died twice!
I know Cami meant well, and Klaus knew her efforts were pointless, but feeding Kieran vampire blood and killing him (Klaus’ hand through the chest doing the trick) had to backfire. Yes, it got rid of the hex long enough for Cami to say her goodbyes to her uncle in a sane state, but she should have known that would remove the boundary spell, bring back the hex and turn him into a murderous, raging vampire priest that was ready to filet her with a really cool knife hidden in a cross.  What was she thinking? (yes, that’s sarcasm).  Her actions did force Klaus into the horrible position of driving a stake through the padre’s heart to save her. I think Kieran would have picked several better ways to go.

Can Kieran at least come back as a ghost, haunting the church from now on? Ghosts need to have a representation in this crazy mix too. Or better yet, since he died a supernatural being, can he now show up on the other side in The Vampire Diaries? He can chat with Bonnie and play poker with Kol while they both make fun of Elijah and Klaus. That would be cool. Better yet, he and Alaric can go fishing or something and swap vampire stories (see the fan fic I’m writing here guys?).


Also gone is werewolf Eve, and how screwed up is that situation? Oliver sabotaged his own people so they would be fired up enough to lash out on the vampires and witches? He made a deal with the humans? (Oh wait, that was implied). I knew Eve was going to die the second they refused Elijah’s offer of his blood. Of course, wouldn’t if be cool if she really did take the blood and wakes up as a vampire next week? Oliver’s plan is busted. Hey, on this show, anything is possible.

Hayley proved how worthy she is of her status as well. A very pregnant werewolf marching into Marcel’s lair with just a stake in her hand demanding to know his whereabouts from Diego? Very gutsy and quite stupid if you think of it.  I loved her chat with Marcel.  This is the Marcel I know, not the mass murdering jerk he was made out to be last week. He won’t kill children and would never do something so horrible as to bomb the werewolves.  Luckily, Marcel was able to convince her easily, because, you know, the episode actually paid attention to his character.  He did tell an interesting story of how he had the werewolves cursed because they were making a run on New Orleans and that was better than killing him. The most interesting part of their chat though was he was the one that rescued Hayley when she was a baby. After other werewolves in the pack turned on her family, he took her away and gave her to Kieran. Go figure! Oh, that the suicide bomber. He owned a ton of money to that casino human bitch. So if Oliver did go to the humans, it sounds like werewolf history is repeating itself here.   

What I really loved most though was both Klaus and Elijah both acted like the mature, 1,000 year old vampires they’re supposed to be. Elijah spent time nursing the wolves during the explosions, continuing to earn the trust of Hayley and Jackson while Klaus, even when called by Hayley for help, stuck by Cami during her terrible ordeal. Klaus impressed me most when he put aside his rift with Marcel and gave him freedom to come back to the quarter so he could be there for her.  After all, she did ask for Marcel.  I really, really hope Klaus and Cami never have a physical or romantic relationship. I love how protective they’ve become of one another. It’s a very unique friendship and one I’d love to continue to thrive on equal terms.  Romance will ruin it for sure. 

As for Elijah, he came out of this with a grand lesson as well. Lucky for him, being an original vampire means he can get blown up and not die but the suit wasn’t so lucky.  Not only did one of his priceless tailored suits perish in the explosion, and he got all dirty (fine, I didn’t mind that one bit). Everything he saw though was enough to realize his alliance had fallen apart and probably couldn’t ever be maintained. He was able to give Hayley some words of wisdom about how people will follow the loudest jerk while Oliver was doing his fire side tribal rant to the masses, not the wisest person. It all gets pretty bloody. Considering she got a similar (in far less wise words) advice from Marcel earlier, coupled with the witches plan last week to kill her baby, that all sounds like a big warning sign that Hayley is going to be at the center of all the mayhem to come.


Ultimately, Klaus was right and Elijah was man enough to admit it.  There are too many factions, so many special interests for there to be peace. Mayhem has become the order of the day and it’s time to choose a side. Elijah gave Klaus the grimoire, allowing him to help whoever he wanted with it, and then told Klaus he had to chosen a side via a toast. “To our victory, brother.” Amen to that!  Brothers united!  That should last at least a whole week or two.     

I just loved “An Unblinking Death” not only because it’s an ideal setup for the final three episodes, but because everyone was back in character. There were no useless quarrels or strange behavior.   Sure, there was plenty of selfish behavior, but not strange. We got to see some different character interactions, and the emotional parts felt far more real than forced. When Cami cries, I feel it. Leah Pipes and Todd Stashwick killed it this week.  

I predict that the coming conflict will involve an alliance between Marcel, Klaus and Elijah again because Klaus and Marcel can never stay mad at each other for too long. Their bromance runs too deep. The three become Hayley’s undying protectors and it goes from there. As long as it involves more dead witches, I’m happy (not Davina though!  She and Josh need to live on to be the supernatural version of Will and Grace.)  Also, shouldn’t this miracle baby be born by now?  My math has this pregnancy going much longer than nine months now.  I’m sure that’s slated to happen by the end of the season. 

Any predictions for the final three episodes? This show doesn’t seem to ever go in the direction I predict, so perhaps all of you will have better luck.

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