Well, that was intense.

I’ll give The Originals one thing, they do love mixing it up every week. I wasn’t sure what we were going to get after the four witches set their wicked plan into effect before the break, screwing practically everyone over, but the whole Klaus and Rebecca thing in the abandoned asylum caught me off guard. The Mikaelsons win as the most f***ed up family ever!


Anyone who’s ever watched The Vampire Diaries knows that all secrets come out, and usually in very ugly ways. It makes sense The Originals would go there, and we knew the second the big secret from 1919 was mentioned weeks ago, it was coming out somehow. But wow, that’s a heck of a plot device to it. Having a pair of witches manipulate two originals in an abandoned insane asylum? One that was a hospital during the deadly influenza outbreak of 1919 in New Orleans? The very one where Marcel and Rebekah committed their betrayal? All while using ominous tone and eerie flashbacks? Very clever and creepy as hell.

There was no Bastiana this week (good, I don’t like her), and Celeste just let Genevieve do her thing. And man, did she have a great reason to extol her wrath. Back in 1919, Rebekah needed a witch to help summon Mikael and making pretend friends with witch Genevieve, who was working in the hospital with her while they were nurses during that fatal influenza outbreak seemed like the ideal way to go. They socialized, Genevieve did the whole spell thing, and then Rebekah freaked. Reality set in that her plan was very wrong and when she begged Genevieve to stop the spell, it was too late. She insisted Rebekah tell Klaus, so Rebekah infected her and her other witch friend Clara with the virus and compelled a doctor to keep them quarantined until they died. Which they did. Clara though was really Celeste in another body, so she just jumped to someone else. Not Genevieve though. She’s been dead all this time and waiting for her opportunity for revenge.

The tactic was pretty simple. Rebekah had wolfsbane in her system, weakening her greatly, and one nice little spell later of Klaus ingesting Rebekah’s blood with that wolfsbane makes him see the whole betrayal through Rebekah’s mind rather than just being told what happened. It was graphic enough to send him into a blind rage, and Gen didn’t help matters for Rebekah by taking the bad mojo blade that was in Klaus out and giving it to him so he could go after his little sis with it. And he did, in full blown psychotic “I’m going to kill you and make you suffa” mode. Rebekah fought him off long enough for Marcel to arrive, who also couldn’t take Klaus but he stalled long enough until Elijah arrived. That was the real shocker for me, Elijah grabbed the blade and stabbed Klaus with it! He then ordered Rebekah and Marcel to run far, far away, all while holding an incapacitated Klaus, who had endured one too many betrayals. Oh man, Elijah has an interesting way of handling family conflict.

I was left pondering one thing for a while after this episode. Is that the first time we’ve actually seen Elijah shirtless? Probably not but this must happen more often! The names all over his upper body was a most wonderful plot twist.   I was feeling Hayley’s difficulty over writing the names down. Elijah’s body is quite a distraction! He has an amazing build by the way, one that I wouldn’t have expected under all those layers. But I digress.


I really like how Marcel and Elijah don’t like each other very much. I do wonder if their bad feelings trace back to the past and maybe we’ll see more of that in the future. It is kind of curious since Elijah is the fair and moral sibling. But they did well being forced to work together to find Klaus and Rebekah by deciphering what happened to all those people listed on Elijah. I give Marcel huge props for telling Elijah the truth about what he and Rebekah did all those years ago. I love Elijah’s reaction too, grabbing Marcel by the throat and lashing out at him big time. That is such a Klaus thing to do! It just goes to show, threats to his family is Elijah’s hot button.

So, all in all, Genevieve and Celeste crafted quite a clever and calculated plan. Not only does Genevieve get her revenge, but Celeste gets her revenge by merely pitting the siblings against each other. That of course hurts Elijah just as much as Klaus and Rebekah, so her revenge hits hard on all fronts. Which I kind of don’t get since she loved Elijah once, but she did always hate his devotion to his family more than her. So he probably had that coming.

The story in 1919 proves one thing, even back then Rebekah didn’t think things all the way through. She lead with her heart more than her head and it was a foolish move to summon her father when he would had never been able to find them. It’s interesting that both Klaus and Elijah saw their time in New Orleans as when they were the happiest, but it’s clear it was just another time of torment for Rebekah. This “Always and Forever” devotion isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It means loneliness, and not being able to be with others that they grow to love. Like Celeste and Marcel. Heck, since Klaus responded to betrayal by daggering them and keeping them in a box for years, that doesn’t exactly promote family stability. It’s all kind of a screwed up mess.  


Does anyone think that now that “Aunt Sophie” is dead, one of the other girls will rise? I’m sure Davina will be last. It’s a shame, I’m missing her. I hope they don’t drag this on much longer. I’m kind of digging the idea that these four girls could come back really pissed and ready to take on everyone by themselves, including Celeste. But they just might end up being instruments for the dastardly elder plan too. I hope not. The elders kind of suck.

Although, Hayley’s got Celeste now. That’s a pretty interesting twist after Celeste practically acted with invincibility. Since Elijah was able to confirm that Celeste set the curse on the werewolves while she was inhabiting the body of Bryn Deveraux, I wonder how Hayley is going to convince Celeste to reverse that spell. I hope it involves some devious blackmail! I’m very interested to see how this plays out.

Also, there was no sign of poor suffering Father Kieran, but that will play out next week I’m sure. I hope anyway, because previews a few weeks back showed it. The focus seems to be Marcel and Rebekah on the run. Exactly where are they going to hide? Elijah has his work cut out for him in bringing this family together. So, do you think Klaus will ever be able to forgive Rebekah? What will it take to mend this latest rift? Lots of alcohol I say, for not just the Mikaelsons but me as well.  Like the title said, it’s a long way back from hell.


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