NO, NO, NO…this can’t be!  What just happened??  I’m a…it’s just…I loved him so much…he gave himself for the team…I don’t know what to say…  



RYAN!!!!!!!!!! Oh Craig, you did decide to kill Ryan.  I am not okay.  He was my most favorite dork ever, okay him and Birkhoff, but…but…I’m inconsolable.




Anyone who’s read my reviews and caught my interviews with Craig Silverstein knows that Ryan was my favorite character.  He may have had a darkness behind him but he always had that hopeful, sunny-like disposition.  The boy scout.  He so wanted to believe in doing the right thing that it ended up consuming him.  Still, I held out hope that since he almost died twice, they wouldn’t try again.  Wrong.  I suppose if you think about it though, what would become of Ryan if he had lived?  All he had was his role in the government.  The writing was always on the wall.  There would be no happy ending.  May he’ll finally find that peace in the great beyond.  Oh man.    




(Deep breaths).  Okay, I concede, Ryan’s death did serve the story very well.  I got it, and the second he told Nikita about his brother and always wanting the truth, I knew the poor boy was a goner.  The problem is, there will always be corruption and secrets in the government and the underworld.  It’s never going to end.  Ryan’s quest was noble, but it was a death sentence.  He wasn’t going to win that fight.  Excuse me.    




In my review last week, I speculated that Ryan would be the one that would figure out that all wasn’t well.  Dammit, I hate it when I’m right.  What I didn’t call was this was the breaking point for Ryan.  He just couldn’t take the lies anymore.  His wall of Winchester, aka obsessive notes and pieces of evidence filling a wall trying to tie all the clues together, showed how paranoid he’d become, even though he was totally right.  But visiting Jones and confronting him with the truth was a reckless move.  He had to know that Jones had things rigged on the inside.  Did Ryan do that because he truly had enough and couldn’t take it anymore or did he honestly forget that government secured facilities are never safe?      


No, the boy would never be a rest.  He’d always be digging, always searching for that truth, never being able to truly live a good life.  It was already leading to an unhealthy lifestyle.  Ryan’s tale is a very tragic one if you think about it.  He so believed in good and doing the right thing that it ended up being his undoing.  There was no happy ending in the cards for this guy.  He was someone that was destined for a noble act of self-sacrifice for the team.  (wibble)  


Let’s see, did anything else happen in this episode?  Right, Alex and Owen did it in the plane after she rescued him in Paris.  Does this mean Owen/Sam is a good guy now?  Do you want to see these two together?  Do you…I’m sorry, I’m just in too overcome by grief to speculate that right now.



How about Nikita?  She’s in a pickle herself.  She’s become the patsy, aka the high profile person to the people.  She was the one that had to testify before Congress telling her story, and the one who had to maintain the stance for America that “everything is just peachy” knowing the threat is still out there.  She did it though, realizing the Senator’s stance that the public needed that false sense of security.  Just before she rested her congressional medal of honor on Ryan’s dead body!  Our true hero.  Oh man…  


crying2  RYAN!!!!!!!  


I’ll tell you what I want to see.  That Amanda bitch burn!  She cornered Ryan and he jumped to what was ultimately his death so she wouldn’t erase the truth from his mind.  He would have rather died than be mind wiped.  Yet he still holds on long enough to tell Nikita the truth!  What an amazing guy (controls sobs).  I want to see Amanda take out everyone in her team and them Nikita and Alex take her out.  Everyone dies.  Except Nikita, Michael, Alex, and Birkhoff.  No more core team deaths.  My crushed heart just can’t take it anymore.    


I don’t particularly care about Jones, or the new guy in charge, only to say that the sad reality is that when they go, some evil bastard will take their place.  As Ryan told Jones, there’s always another shadow organization behind the scenes.  (wibble!)  If that’s true then the big question is, will Nikita and Michael ever be able to walk away?  Nikita did look horribly uncomfortable at the beginning for a reason, and it’s not because she was at a naval base.  I only hope that Nikita and Michael can go on with their lives when their little act of revenge is done and heed warning of Ryan’s obsessive ways.  I know Birkhoff can, and getting that accommodation from the NSA was certainly a step in the right direction.  He’s made amends and is good with his father.  Speaking of Birkhoff, I was already weepy after Ryan’s death scene. When Birkhoff smashed that TV when he got the news, I lost it again.  Oh man, excuse me…   


crying2 crying3 crying1  


So, (pulls self together) what do we have going into next week?  Nikita and Alex are reunited and pissed, Michael is pissed, Birkhoff is pissed, Amanda has an invincibility complex going that will be her downfall, and Ryan, oh Ryan…(sobs).  Your memory will be honored.  Your death will not be empty.  It just can’t be.    


Finale next week.  Grab kleenexes, alcohol, chocolate and whatever vices you have to get you through it.   





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