There was this show that began back a few years ago that I got right in pretty much on the ground floor with. It was a show based on a series that my boss had been trying to get me to read. I went ahead and got the first book, and read it before starting the show. With the amount of characters, it is really a book one should read more than once….and even reading once is quite an undertaking as it is quite a lengthy book! I really loved the first book come to life in the show—the second season was a bit more difficult, but the second book was as well. I couldn’t wait until the third book was brought to HBO, but the story started deviating from the books and with the other shows I was watching I just stopped with this one. Recently I decided to rewatch from the beginning and start reviewing the show going forward! Now that HBO has officially picked up at least two more seasons, I know I don’t have to worry about the pain of feeling like the rug can be pulled out from under a show and allow myself to enjoy it!

That being said, I watched last week’s episode, “Two Swords” not having watched an episode or reading one of the books in the Game of Thrones, Song of Ice and Fire series in a couple years. I have a lot of catching up to do to fill in some of the gaps in my knowledge of the show, and memory of the books!

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The show opens with an atrocity! My man Eddard Stark’s (and no, I still haven’t gotten over his sudden, but inevitable demise) sword of Valyrian Steel was reforged at Tywin Lannister’s command into two swords. The immense sword of a Northern man was seen as unseemly by the full of pomp and circumstance Southern Lannisters, who decided that smaller, more fashionable swords were called for. It actually says quite a bit about the differences in personalities between the Starks and the Lannisters. Although I haven’t watched it yet, I know from Storm of Swords what happened with Rob Stark and Caitlin. Effectually, the House of Stark is decimated. Jamie made a promise to keep Caitlin’s children safe—but the only one that seems alive right now is Sansa. Jamie has not idea where Arya is—or that she is even still alive, and no one knows about Brendan and Rickard. Jon Snow is up in the North at the Wall fighting his own battles, but I question whether he is in fact Ned’s son anyway…or actually Ned’s sister’s son…But more on the THEORIES later…

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Jamie Lannister is given one of the swords by his father, Tywin. Tywin wants Jamie to go home to Casterly Rock to rule in his stead while he is acting as Joffrey’s “Hand”. Jamie does not want to leave King’s Landing. He wants to remain in the Kingsguard, despite losing his hand during his captivity. Unfortunately, everyone seems to see Jamie differently now that he has returned sans right hand. Even though he is still skilled with a sword using his left hand, Joffrey, Tywin and even Cersei see him differently now that he is handicapped. He is not seen as the perfect “kingly” and “knightly” figure he was seen as before. This, tied in with the ever present smear of being the “Kingslayer” has put Jamie behind the 8 ball. If we didn’t yet realize what a manipulative evil witch Cersei Lannister is, we should realize it now. Jamie fights to stay with her, but she doesn’t seem to want anything to do with him now.

Enter the Dornish storyline! Prince Oberon and his entourage are at King’s Landing, for the “wedding”. According to Oberon, he has not been to Kings Landing since his sister got married to Rhaegar Targaryen. Oberon wants vengeance for what happened to his sister when the Targaryen’s were overthrown…

I’m not going to lie…Daenerys Targaryen and her three dragons can be scary…While Daenerys fights her own internal dragons, we become increasingly aware of her inability to control the three dragons she has. She has the dragons and an army, and she must head to Westeros…If my memory of the books is correct, the dragons are really what kept the white walkers at bay in the old days. Now that the dragons are gone from Westeros, the white walkers are returning, bringing winter with them. I don’t see Daenerys as sitting on the iron throne, really, but I do think she will eventually succeed in getting the dragons back to Westeros.

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In order to protect Sansa, Tyrion married her. Sansa Stark is now a Lannister. She is so horrified with what was done to her brother and mother, as well as how being in King’s Landing has changed for her that she is beside herself. At first, Joffrey’s attentions were a godsend, but she slowly realized what a monster he was. Before she knew it she was trapped, and then worse—trapped and not wanted. Assuredly Sansa sees being married to the “imp” as terrible as well—even though Tyrion is by far the best of the Lannisters. Tyrion proves himself to be a very principled Lannister—he has pushed Shae aside because of his marriage to Sansa.

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Jon Snow, after his stint with the Wildlings, is now back with the Knight’s Watch. His loyalties are immediately questioned, however, unlike what happened to the boy who ran from the Watch in the first episode of the series, Jon does not lose his head. He has important information about the Wildlings and Manse Raider who now has a plan to overtake the Wall.

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One of the story lines that had a great deal added to it in the series that really wasn’t all that important in the books was that of Margaery Tyrell. She is preparing to marry Joffrey. Her grandmother is prepping her…

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The scenes with Arya Stark actually were a little alarming. Arya’s revenge over Poliver, although deserved, seemed a little too gleeful. In my opinion, she enjoyed killing him a bit too much. She did get “Needle” back, though…and that is a good thing!

Just getting my bearings with the show so let me know what you thought of the episode and what kind of analysis you would like to see!

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