When Jack gets to the pub that Yates and his “girlfriend” wound up at after leaving the hotel, he  finds her gone and Yates dead in the bathroom.  Through surveillance cameras, Jack and Chloe are able to figure out how the girl changed her appearance and where she went.  She is able to slip away from them, but not before Chloe and Jack are able to put a name to the face—she is Simone Al-Harazi, daughter of Margot Al-Harazi.  Margot was married to an Al-Quaida member who was killed in Yemen a few years back in a drone attack.  She barely got out with her life.  Apparently, she is still up to her terrorist ways.  Now, she has the equipment Yates was using to appropriate the drones.

On a sad note, we find out that Morris and Prescott are dead.  I had no idea who they were until I went to the 24 wiki site and found out that in two of the later seasons I haven’t watched yet Chloe was married and had a child.  Her child and husband were killing when a truck ran them over.  Usually Chloe brought Prescott to soccer practice.  That particular day, Morris did.  Chloe is sure that it was supposed to be a hit on her because she knew what happened to Jack.

Can I just say that I hate Mark?  I don’t see him as having anyone’s best interests but his own in mind.  It seems from the exposition given that Audrey was in rough shape after Jack left last time.  It seems that when Mark first started seeing Audrey, she was in a very fragile state.  Now, not so much, but he still feels the need to protect her from everything.  Or at least that is the way Audrey thinks it is going down. Personally, I think she was more dead on when she told him he had to stop trying to control everyone.  He is certainly attempting to be the President himself—signing executive orders without the President’s authorization.  I really hope that he gets caught with his hands in the cookie jar on that one.  Well, it is 24 and again we have someone in an advisory position showing us a very real proclivity for duplicity.  Since President Heller is not on his game with his disease progressing, there is a little bit too much of a chance that Mark Boudreau will have the actual power. Of course based on the way this show has been in the past, I fear how the Vice President would be…

Kate gets some respect from Erik over her tenacity and creativity in getting information that will help them with finding Jack Bauer.  With the information, they are able to get Navarro to let them look into the drone information to find out if Jack had anything to do with the attack.  I just love how everyone is always thinking the worst of Jack.  Seriously this dude always has everything against him and is the most upstanding citizen, like ever.

Margot really is all up and over Simone’s relationship with her husband.  It seems he talks to Margot more than he talks to his wife.  Clearly he has some connection that Margot needed.  Funny thing, he seems to not like the plan…or at least he has severe apprehensions about what they are doing.  I’m putting money on Margot taking him out before the end of the season/day.

Of course someone would have to put a crimp in things so that Jack’s credentials don’t work out when he tries to get into the military installation.  I mean, this is Jack Bauer, we can’t make things too easy for him or he will get bored!

I liked the snippet of Parliament—I have heard that they really call speakers to the task. They are way more forward than our system.  What shocked me was that the way Mark did it was like he was being a jerk, and he never explained the differences.  It leads me to believe he either didn’t know their differences and was just being a jerk, or he full well knew, but wanted to humiliate the president by making it look like he was saying it to be a jerk.  If he knew, she should have talked to Jack about what to expect and why. He shouldn’t have done it the way he did.  

Twenty-four episodes always amaze me.  First off, that so much can happen in one day.  Secondly, that the show isn’t boring.  I took screenwriting classes, and I know that scripts are cut to bare minimum—regarding actions, scenes, dialogue—because they don’t happen in real time.  One 45 minute episode might transpire over weeks!  So the idea of a show where you are watching an hour of “real time” could sound very cumbersome dialogue wise, and move very slowly action wise…but the show is never dull.

Let me know what you thought of the episode, and what aspects of the show you would like me to focus on in the review!

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