Each of our main four was ‘in extremis’ to some degree or another; whether observers (Finch and Reese with Dr. Nelson), or participators such as Fusco as all of his past deeds were coming to light and Carter as she had to make some decisions:  Who is she as a cop?  Where do her allegiances lie?  How far will she go over whatever line is left to stand behind or step over?  Then there’s Dr. Nelson – he certainly was ‘in extremis’.  Finally the Machine was/is most certainly in extremis.

This was the Fusco flashback story Plageman and Nolan bantered about during the December conference call.  Gentlemen, this was worth the wait.  Thank you for the backstory on Fusco and how he fell in with HR.  Kevin Chapman, you surpassed yourself yet again.  My favorite moment of Season 1 was the scene at the end of Blue Code as Fusco faced his imminent death.  Well, this episode was a spectacular feat from beginning to end for this character.  Well done!

Reese truly pegged Fusco from the beginning – a man who is loyal.  While Fusco looked upon Stills as a friend, I do not believe for one moment that Stills ever saw Fusco as a friend.  Stills was a predator.  He needed someone in the homicide division to help him out, and he found Fusco when he was vulnerable, and then he ‘befriended’ him to earn his trust.  It worked.

Fusco, like Reese, was used by those who needed his particular skill set.  Fusco’s ‘confession’ of sorts to Carter really summed it all up.  There was simply a day when he realized he was in too deep…likely not even really sure how he got there either.  But, even as Lionel was facing the music for his past deeds, he was loyal to the man who helped him become the man he is today – even as Reese too used Fusco.  Fusco could have looked Carter right in the eye and said, “I didn’t kill Stills.  I didn’t kill Davidson either.  Yes, I buried both bodies, but I did it for Reese.  Reese killed them.”  He could have done that.  He didn’t.  Fusco is loyal.  Fortunately, this time his loyalty is well-placed.

While I wished (and for a few moments hoped and almost believed) that John had moved Stills’s body, I am very, very happy with how the episode ended.  This may have been a journey into Fusco’s past, but it set in motion the journey of the future for Carter.

When we first met Carter she was out to capture the man in the suit.  We watched her in Season 1 instead join forces with the man in the suit.  In Season 2 we watched her cross over the lines and betray the FBI by lying and manipulating them all to aid Reese’s escape from prison.  All through that journey, though, she has maintained her moral compass when it comes to fellow officers; dirty cops are not to be trusted, they are to be apprehended.  Now, however, Carter has come face to face with a dirty cop, and she has gone to great lengths to protect him.  The reveal at the end of her and Bear walking away leaving muddy paw prints and shoe prints was fabulous.  I leaped up into the air shouting with joy. 

I love that the camera lingered on her face and showed us her inner torment.  She now actively breaks the law to help Finch and Reese, and she has now actively derailed two major investigations:  the FBI’s investigation/apprehension of Reese and IAB’s investigation into Fusco.  Oh, I can’t wait to see what Season 3 brings for us in the development of Carter and her personal journey.  As for Fusco, all things HR are not done yet, but this has gone a long way in getting him out from under the spotlight.  As for Simmons (so well played by Robert John Burke), I love watching his stunned expression as he realizes that somebody is looking out for Fusco.  All his (Simmons’s) work to set this moment up and somebody pulled the rug out from under it!

At the end there was failure, victory, sorrow, relief…but very little joy.  Carter has a new reality in which to exist.  Fusco’s journey of redemption continues, although there will still be bumps along the road.  The Machine is offline and the third innocent in a row has perished.

Only two episodes left in this Season 2.  How many more innocents are lost?  What now, HR, down again but not out.  We haven’t counted you out either, Elias.  You have been a good ally, but one not to be completely trusted.  Shaw, Root, Hersh, Special Counsel and more all are lurking.  Zero Hour has arrived.  God Mode is coming.  It’s been an awesome second season.  Sad to see you coming to a close, but relieved and excited there is a third season coming.
As always, thanks for reading.  Elle2

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