Three weeks in to the new season, things both settle down and shake up.

The Flash

(2.03) Family of Rogues

To be honest, I keep forgetting what happened in this episode but mostly because I’m pretty ambiguous towards Captain Cold. I know a lot of others are big fans of him so if that describes you, you’ll probably enjoy this episode a lot more. I know he’s supposed to join the good guys in Legends of Tomorrow and this episode (which shows more positive features about him) seems to have pushed him further in that direction.

Otherwise the big reveals were all in the last ten minutes with Stein going semi-firestorm (meaning he probably has a bit of Ronnie still stuck inside him – it’s tradition), the multiverse rip stabilized in STAR Labs’ basement and the E2 Harrison Wells arriving. The real question is, is that Wells the Zoom of his world or is it someone else? I’m going to place a moderate bet that this wells is legit and probably going to join the case because Tom Cavanagh is too good an actor and had too good of chemistry with the rest of the cast to keep him off the show indefinitely. No, some part of me is betting that if Zoom isn’t a nobody (I mean, comic fans will know his name, but to the average TV viewer, there’s no reason to hide his identity for very long) then he’ll be the E2 version of Barry or Henry Allen for maximum drama and pathos.

Final Grade: Average. C. If you love Cold Cap, bump it up to an A.


(2.03) Real Dead Housewife of Seattle

Again, like the Flash, we’re entering the marathon of the season where things move at an average rate, setting everything up for later. I was glad that the possible drama over Peyton returning was resolved as a general misunderstanding by Liv and Ravi. It was a heartwarming moment and appropriate to get smaller turmoil out of the way when we’re dealing with a world where ZOMBIES ARE REAL as well as her playing an unwitting role in Blaine’s plans.

Of course any devil’s advocate case I might have previously been making for the corporation in this show has (as I predicted) been solidly rendered invalid – there’s just NO way to NOT be evil after you turn a scientist working for you into a mindless zombie. Though that arrival at the end was a handy refresher as to the actual stakes building in this show and that a permanent solution needs to be found. Major can’t be a full time hunter of cogent zombies without losing his soul. Evil Corp can’t really mass kill customers indefinitely – even in comic book land. Ravi needs to get the cure again and try to spread the word so it can be widely disseminated.

I am somewhat interested in where Miss Evil Jr is going as a character. Does she serve only out of loyalty to family or does she have some of her father’s evilness within? While obviously part of her tryst with Major was a bit of self-indulgence, was there anything more? Was she trying to cement his loyalty to Evil Corp? Give him a bit of succor after the spiritual anguish of his mission? Spite and hurt Liv just a little? All of the above? None? It’s all shaping up to be a very interesting season…

Final Grade: Average but with a few powerful character moments moves it to a C+.

Legends of Tomorrow

Given Martin Stein’s reaction it looks like we’re drawing closer to this show..  (From Alice – The resurrection of Sarah Lance on Arrow this week definitely confirmed that.)


Coming Monday! Look for a pilot review next week. 

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