Time for the home stretch.

Somebody reminded me that iZombie has only 13 episodes this season. Which means we have only 2 more after this one.

No wonder I’ve been feeling this season was rushed.

So rather than a case of the week, this time we dealt with all the plotlines of the season that I fear may be overwhelming it. By now I really wish we hadn’t spent time with Major & Liv’s love lives outside of each other and left Mr. Boss hanging in the wings for the season. (he could maybe return in the finale to set up the next arc) At least they push and play with the tropes of the show in clever ways. Blaine, Don E. and Liv having a simultaneous vision was neat as well as Peyton noticing the girl she was with having one. Bravo.

Some of this was kind of predictable but competently enough executed. I’m actually rather impressed that it seems the season is going to go with a theme of the rednecks maybe having a point and there should be some more concern about what’s going on. The conspiracy theorist being right can make for fun tropes. That Ravi’s “girlfriend” who at first seemed nice but is in fact a reporter that could ruin everything (or at least complicate everybody’s life) also adds to the complexity of the series. Well done on that score regardless of the rest.

Otherwise I guess we’ll see how things shake up over the next two episodes as the season concludes. On the iZombie curve, I give this episode… about a C.

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