This is the busy time of year for networks, and so many announcements have been happening lately I’m just going to but all the new activities in one summary.  It’s just better that way!

Fox has renewed their top rated scripted show, The Following, and their three strongest comedies, New Girl, Raising Hope, and The Mindy Project

Looking their schedule now, with The X-Factor and American Idol taking around 3 hours a week (and often times more), and Sunday being appropriately filled with their animation shows, these renewals still don’t leave a lot of room for new pilots.  Although, “The Following” was only renewed for 15 episodes, so that can be paired with another series easily.  Glee is expected to be back, although there’s some tough negotiations going on now with that show.  Reality will take at least one slot on Friday, and should probably take two given the network’s abysmal record with scripted shows on that night.  Unless you move renewed Bones to Friday.  It does have a big enough following where it can probably do well, but why risk the ratings of a reliable performer? 

Basically Fox has enough slots next season for maybe three comedies and one drama to tag team with The Following.  I’d hate to be a pilot for that network. 

Speaking of Raising Hope, Greg Garcia is leaving that show as showrunner and passing the torch onto producer Mike Mariano (a fine choice).  Sounds like those pilots he has at CBS are looking promising, huh?  Those are Super Clyde and the always entertaining Untitled.

At ABC, it really didn’t take long for Zero Hour to get yanked.  Only three episodes.  I don’t  know of a more cursed timeslot that ABC’s Thursday at 8pm slot, but then again, did they really think they had the next Lost here?  It failed for a reason.  Luckily, they’ve got plenty of episodes now for some Saturday summer burn-off.  ABC is still premiering new series’ – Red Widow made it’s debut on Sunday, and two comedies, Family Tools (May 1st) and How To Live With Your Parents (For The Rest of Your Life) (April 3rd).  So, you have a few more chances to decide, late season/summer filler or Saturday burn-off? 

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