Grimm wrapped up, in all probability, the Monroe and Rosalee intermarriage storyline in this past week’s Tribunal – which I found to be a very satisfying episode.

I like how Grimm is spooling out several storylines, weaving them in and out, allowing some to wrap quicker while others simmer a bit.  And the show wisely kept Adalind and Viktor to a minimum during this two-parter, which actually began back in 2014 with Chupacabra.  We were treated to one scene with Adalind and Viktor last week and we know they are Portland bound.  Since there isn’t much going on with that storyline, it’s wise that it is on the back burner.  As it is, Tribunal stumbles a bit because there is so much to be done to find Monroe thus we are forced to believe the Wesenrein drags out their ceremony so that Nick and Co. arrive just in time, but since I knew Monroe wasn’t going to die, although I feared a bit for Bud, and am very happy he remains – and was allowed a hero moment or two as well, I knew that we’d get a thrilling-just-in-time-to-save-the-day moment, and I like how it was staged done.

I’m a sucker for “hero shots” those moments when either one or, in this case, many are purposeful, together, and on the hunt.  When Renard came and told the team that he knew where the ceremony was being held, and everyone but Monroe strode through the precinct, I cheered.  Yeah, I’m a sucker for such moments.  It just shows how far this show has come.  I’m especially reminded of that now that TNT is showing it for four hours every Wednesday night.  I get a mini-Grimm marathon in and enjoy the early day, especially in light of the present.

Nick has long struggled with the balance of being a Grimm and a detective, but now, post his Zombie Grimm days, he seems more at ease with tossing the badge to the side to save a friend in need; that Renard, Hank, and the others are also willing certainly plays a part.  Still, while all were willing to kill if necessary, they were also more than ready to take prisoners.  In the firefight, Juliette and Nick and a few others shot and either wounded or killed members of the Wesenrein, but in the one-on-one moments, it was Renard, Juliette, and Rosalee and Monroe who did the killing.  Juliette’s comes down to more self-defense – and a supercharged, newly minted Hexenbiest not familiar with her abilities, but Renard, Rosalee and Monroe clearly showed intent.  Nick, when attacked while untying Bud, fought the Wesen off, but didn’t kill.  I’m seeing a line here of humans choosing not to kill if they don’t have to, but Wesen killing, either through error or intent.  Not sure if it’s intentional; I’m just noting it.  I’m hopeful that it means some more character insight, especially as Juliette is finding her new normal to be anything but.


Everyone had standout moments, especially in Tribunal.  I’ll start with Wu.  I love this character.  For a long time I was more than happy with him being on the outside, but since he started seeing things and asking questions, I wanted him in.  It took a long time, a little too long, but no bother now since he’s in, and I’m very happy.  He did great.  This character has mostly been used as the comedy in the episodes, as well as the guy who brings the main characters a piece of information so they can go off and do stuff.  Now, having him so integral here was fabulous.

I like that after last week’s scary introduction – really, how well do you know your co-workers that you’d let them drive you out to a dark, deserted piece of land and not think, hey, am I about to dig my own grave?  Sheesh.  Maybe I shouldn’t have drank the last cup of coffee and not made a fresh pot – that Wu was shown just how much faith the others have in him.  Bud was brought in to stand in for Rosalee and Monroe, who helped Hank and Juliette in the past, and allow Wu an opportunity to see a Wesen wogue up close and personal.  Then, Wu was the one to get Acker to show himself to be the Bauerschwein he is.  Now Wu is trusted to come on a rescue mission and has his own set of keys to the trailer, where he is last seen busily researching and getting up to speed.  His comment to Acker says it all:  You’re no Aswang.  Wu has faced his deepest fear, the Aswang, and there isn’t anything that tops that.  He’s in, and he’s in to stay.

Bud is another bit character who is a favorite of mine.  He also has come a long way from the refrigerator repairman frightened to discover he’s repairing a Grimm’s appliance.  Now he comes to guide newbies into the world of Wesen, helps the ladies figure out who told whom about Rosalee and Monroe’s nuptials, and when faced with certain death, does all he can to stall for time and then stares Riken straight in the face and owns up to being friends with a Grimm and helping him.  His one regret:  he can’t help Nick now.  Way to go, Bud!

Tribunal carries on with what the show has done over the years when one or more finds themselves in a tough spot, the rest pitch in and do whatever it takes, but it each rescue expands the team, and their knowledge of the others.  We’ve seen Renard come to Juliette and Nick’s aid after Adalind poisoned Juliette.  That led to huge revelations for the characters.  We, the viewers, were already in the know of who, what, when, and how.  We’ve seen Juliette join forces, once she was in the know, to save Nick, with the help of all but Wu, who wasn’t in the know then.  We’ve seen the team fight to protect Renard’s and Adalind’s baby, something Adalind now knows but her maternal instincts are still blinding her to the reasons – and hey, she is a mother; she should have strong emotions about being separated from her child.  Now we have the team come together to save Monroe and Bud.  I think it’s the first time we’ve seen Bud, Wu, and Renard included in the post-heroics celebration.  I liked it.

We’re in for an interesting ride ahead with Juliette’s “side effects” and what that journey means, as well as I distinctly believe Adalind will be arriving back in Portland soon.  At least I hope so.  I’m not sure if Kelly Burkhardt will be making an appearance any time soon, or if Renard’s mom will be returning – but I hope so.  Call your mom, Renard.  Side effects are one thing, transforming to an entirely new creature is something else entirely!  I’m calling it now:  we’re in for more Juliette dreams next week.  Hopefully she lets Nick in on the secret soon.  Who am I kidding?  This is television – Nick will find out when Adalind arrives and makes Juliette angry.  He’ll still love her.  After all, she did what she did to save him, something she also wanted.  I think she can learn how to live with her new side, Adalind certainly does just fine.  Plus Nick the Grimm is used to breaking the rules.  He’s friends with multiple Wesen, he’s friends/ally of sorts with a member of the Royal line, he’s protected a Hexenbiest’s baby, turning his mother into an ally of sorts as well, although she already was as she is allied with the Resistance.  Loving a Hexenbiest, who was formerly his all-human girlfriend, should be nothing.


Grimm is having some fun, even with tense emotional character stories.  I like their cases of the week to balance the longer-arced stories, but I also like it when they ditch the case of the week for a few episodes in a row and focus on the characters.  Wesenrein and Tribunal did just that, and since there are rich characters to explore, it worked quite well.

Until next time – or the next.  Sorry that I delay these and/or skip them at times.  Work, blessedly is keeping me extremely busy.  So sometimes they won’t come each week.  But I’ll keep trying.

Thanks for reading, Elle2

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