Erica Durance
In the new season, what is the next stage in the evolution of Lois and also what role she should play in pushing Clark toward becoming Superman?
Well, I think it’s great that in this season she knows and you see her struggle with accepting her destiny. That’s the cool thing about the show is people accepting their destinies as what they’re for and then breaking and then moving forward. And Lois I think struggles with whether she’ll be able to help when she finds out what an entity he is. And so when she embraces that she is there to make things easier for him, to make it lighter for him. And that’s her role in the mythology, that’s what Lois Lane was, she’s the love of his life and she is helping and that’s what I hope they continue to do throughout the season.
In the panel you talked about using that as leverage as well.
Who Lois? I’m sure she does. Why not? That’s what I like about her.   Instead of moping about “Oh you didn’t tell me,” it’s like she finds out and goes, “Hey you know what, you didn’t want to tell me, I’m cool with that, I’ll support that, I won’t get all girly about it, and I’ll help him. That is so much greater than my future right now” and that’s what I really like about her. And at some point she’ll let him have it, bring him down to earth.
In a weird way the show’s went different from the original mythology the way the movies are, have they said whether they’re going to keep it in the Smallville universe or are they trying to get to the mythology everybody knows about?
I think they want everybody to get the payoff they’re looking for ten years. It’s season ten, run as hard as they can with it, tell them to make people smile and get excited about spending ten years watching it.
(My question) What does your inner fan girl think about the idea of doing the scene from the movies of Clark sweeping Lois off her feet and flying away?
(big smile) I think it would be pretty sweet. It would be alright. Yeah, that would be okay.
What’s your feelings about it ending?
When you’re still in the middle of it it’s not something that’s at the forefront but I think it’s bittersweet. Like anything it needs a beginning, middle and really good end. I think that’s the main focus now and making it as good as we can for the fans.
Is there something you’re hoping will happen to Lois by the end of the series?
Does she get to fly? 
Erica was whisked away after that and our session was done. Oh, but we weren’t done with the one notable absent cast member that didn’t make it over to the press tables. As we were leaving the Superman-to-be himself, the only cast member to go all ten seasons, Tom Welling, was finishing up with an interview. A small group of us parting media said “Thanks Tom!” and he gave us a wave and a half smile before being dragged off to something else. So there, my brush with greatness with Superman. It’s a story to tell the grandchildren. 
Actually, the entire session was a brush with greatness in my book and I’m thrilled to get this opportunity.  Congratulations to the cast and crew of “Smallville” for ten amazing seasons and I wish you all good luck in finally reaching the ending we knew would happen all along. It’s not about the end, it’s about the journey and it’s been a great one.

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