Brian Peterson
We were talking about the villains that are showing up. Can you talk a little bit about that and how Darkseid is going to fit in and how it’s going to reflect on where you are going?
We really wanted to do something different with a villain. I think Zod and Doomsday were successful and were really great additions to the show but we didn’t just want to repeat that pattern. So we’re introducing Darkseid in a really different way, kind of gradually unfolding that character through some of his harbingers or minions from the Gods mythology a little bit. So that I think will be really fun. So those are obviously some of the knitting needles so I don’t want to give too much away.
That’s kind of a big part of the season and then we have another group of ragtag villain heroes that’s going to come in episode two with this Suicide Squad. There’s not going to be a huge run of them but they will at least play a role. 
Are you going actually be able to call them Suicide Squad?
So far. They’re a huge part of the season but they will be in there.   There will be Deadshot, we have Rick Flag, and we’re bringing back Plastique.  
I congratulate you on the last season on the creative resurgence of the show.
Thank you, thank you. Everybody worked really hard.
We know this is the final stage before Clark becomes Superman. This show has been pushed toward each step of that. In your mind, what is the final stage of Clark putting on that uniform?
We have our thoughts. I really think last year we put him through the ringer as far as making some decisions that were maybe on the edge. He roughed up Tess a little bit, he burned down some buildings, he made decisions that fans actually reacted to a lot that’s not really Superman. We wanted him to see where the boundaries are when you are God and how far you should and can go. So this year hopefully we can take more of a positive spin and watch him as he’s taking those lessons from last year and applying them. 
As far as action moments I really don’t want to give anything away because they are going to be, (they) weren’t really meant for the show but we’ll get there.
What about his stepping into the light?
Yeah, like stepping into the light and (he gets) a brand new suit in episode two. (Laughs) He’s a little brighter and lighter. He’s not standing all gothic roof towers that are all black anymore on the Daily Planet. He starts transitioning into the light. 
We know about Darkseid’s gradual reveal. When you finally get to the assumed conflict between Clark and him should it be one of the (biggest) fights that Clark gets into?
That is the idea, but I think as we’ve seen we have had the best ambitions and the money hasn’t quite afforded what we wanted.   Everybody’s worked hard to make things work and sometimes we always wish so beyond the boundaries of most TV shows do with effects and stunts. Nine times out of ten we hit the mark but sometimes we don’t always have the time and the resources. Every effort this year will be made this year to be making the final battle as epic as humanly possible. 
It’s the final season, are they letting you go all out?
The studio’s been incredibly supportive in trying to give us…it’s just we’re literally are trying to shoot a movie and we don’t have 50 million dollars. We’re the little engine that could up in Vancouver. Every script they get they’re like “really” and we’re like “you can do it, you’ve done it” and they do it. 
(Couldn’t make out the question, but basically the person wanted to know about any guest actors that they had to have).
We’re trying to hit more than we’re going to be able to do, there’s a lot of actors that we love and have gone out to. They’re on other shows and busy and sometimes it isn’t working out. You know, we’d love to see Lionel Luthor again. Obviously it would be incredible to see Lana again, and that’s up to Kristin right now and that hasn’t worked out. Brainiac, needless to say Lex Luthor.
Are you going to bend over backwards to reach out to Michael?
I’m already in splits from doing the pretzel. I’ve bent over backwards three times. Kelly and I have done everything in our power with the support of the studio to invite Michael back. You know, it just hasn’t worked out. We love Michael, he’s a fantastic guy. So the door is open, that’s all we can hope and pray that something works out. 
What do you want to happen before the end?
Everything we’re wanting to happen are really big moments that I can’t give away because. We do have a couple in the two hundredth episode and the premiere that we’ve always wanted to do. The Daily Planet, the epic Daily Planet globe fall and catch, we’re putting that in the premiere. So that will be really fine. Clark catching the Daily Planet globe. I’m not giving anything that we didn’t give to you the trailer we saw. That’s one.
Yes tights, yes flights?
You know, it’s the final season. And we know where he ends so I think I can say, that’s what I can say. We know what he ends up doing and it’s the final season.
Will Tom actually don the uniform?
You’re going to have to put me to a torch to answer that. 
Would you consider an Oliver spinoff or has there been discussions about that?
You know, I really feel like each of our characters are so fleshed out by this point and the actors like Cassidy and Justin and Erica they can handle their own series but right now nothing is in the works. Right now we’re focused on really ending the “Smallville” and Superman mythology and we didn’t want to branch out. Right now this is our goal, this show.
How does it feel ending the show?
It’s heartbreaking. It’s our family. The people in Vancouver, Tom, they’re all our family. It’s going to be really, really emotional. We want to go out at the top after ten so I deal with it when it comes. It’s going to be a tough one.
You’re an important part of the legacy.
Yes, we filled in the missing years a lot of people never saw. 


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