Kelly Souders
(Me) This has to be so bittersweet
Yes, it is.
(Me) You’ve been with the show since the second season
Yes. Keep going down this path and I’ll start crying. I’m a little bit misty today. It’s very strange. But it’s really an amazing experience though.
You’re going to get to payoff Al and Miles vision and what they were going for. You’ll have a lot of characters to bring back. Are you going to be bringing a lot of people back?
Obviously Schneider is back as you know and Marsters is coming back. It’s really a season of Clark visiting the ghosts of his past, sort of get over the blatant issues. We want him to be the Superman everybody wants (him) to be.
We would love to have Kristin back. The door is wide open for anybody who wants to come back.
Would Michael come back too, is that guaranteed?
No. But we would love, love, love. Nothing would make us happier than to close out the show with him. 
Since the series didn’t get cancelled you have this season where you can tie it all together, close the arcs you want to close. You feel like that’s given you this chance you’re talking about to tell the story properly and tell it in full?
We try every season to do new twists and turns and delve deeper into Clark who he is as a person. And I think this season because we know its ending in 22 episodes we’re already exhausted. We’re shooting episode two, we’ve been pulling crazy, crazy hours, and we’re so, we just want to do all of it. We just want to do everything. We’re like shooting our own selves in the foot. I know if we’re even going to be alive by the end of the season because we’re killing ourselves so hard, both the crew and the cast. But everyone feels like it’s our last chance to do every iconic moment that we want, every reunion we want to see, everything. 
We know that at the end of the season one way or another Clark becomes Superman. What is the final stage in your mind on his character’s evolution to get to that time in the season?
The final moment hinges on these ghosts from his past and understanding some things about himself that he’s been holding onto for several years. Last year he delved into his darkest hour which I think is really interesting and something he needed to do, to go through pretty rigorous tests in order to make it to the Superman moment. But what was interesting about it by the end of the season he really wasn’t Superman, he really wasn’t that bright shiny inspiration. He was a loner who wasn’t really trusting of the people around him, who hid on rooftops and shadows. And that’s a very different guy than Superman. So, it made us look at the whole 22 episodes of getting him set.
And the clothes are going to change from what I understand?
He will have a little of a wardrobe change. 
From the preview, it looks like he’s flying with the Daily Planet Globe?
He’s doing his biggest leap ever which is pretty close to flying.
He has to fly.
(smiling) We hear ya. 
Are you sticking with what Al and Miles wanted to do with the last scene of him taking off as Superman or are you going to deviate?
There’s a lot of things that Al and Miles, images that they had and there’s images that Brian and I have had and the writing staff, honestly the cast, the crew, everybody, we’re all fans too. So we all have our wish lists and we’re all battling it out. Everybody wants their own wish in there. It will be an amalgamation of a lot of people that work on the show, that last episode.
What’s your wish that you’d like to get in there?
Honestly, some of the stuff you’re going to see at the beginning of the season is what Brian and I wanted to do. For us, because we’re fans from the beginning as well, there’s moments from the whole series that are really endearing to us and we want to pay homage to that. Literally, from the premiere through the whole season you’re going to see moments that homage or have a little glance of things that people love from the whole series. We feel like our fans have been there the whole time. They want to remember the show the same way we do. You’ll see that and there will be a whole lot of new stuff and we’ll push off.
John Schneider said he doesn’t know if he’s a ghost or this and that. Do you guys know and can you explain it?
Some of it is still evolving. We shot him in the first episode and what’s interesting is you can plan things out and you see things shot that actors bring to it, and what the crew, the directors, and the cinematographers bring to it. It really takes on a life of its own. The story is sort of evolving over a period of time. It’s not like he’s the ghosty kind of guy that’s sitting there or that you’re kind of used to. He will return. It’s not quite like that. 
Do we find out what’s in the letter? (Clarifies it’s the episode when Jonathan Kent dies)
(Smiling) It’s on my wish list.  (laughter)  But nothing yet. 
There have been a lot of standalone stories on the way. Is this really an irony as you’re driving toward the end of the season?
By the end of it, he’s kind of, how do you say it…all these great questions because they make us verbalize things running around in our head. Brian and I are kind of like Siamese twins. We don’t ever have to talk about what’s in our heads. It’s very strange to be in a room with us. 
He coming out of it has a problem, he has a challenge. So he’s going to be on that avenue the whole season. But because it’s our last season there’s going to be Deadshot, Darkseid, and some of those harbingers. It’s not going to be just like one villain who shows up for the whole season to battle because we’ve done that the last two years and we’ve had a great run at it and people wanted to give everybody a taste.
Darkseid’s got to be a pretty bad guy.
Darkseid is a bad guy, or entity, whatever you want to call him. But he shows up in different ways throughout the season.


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