Justin Hartley
I was just saying over there how funny it is that the gadgets get more and more sophisticated. (notices tape recorder). Except this guy, is that a real tape in there? Come on! 
You guys are at the final stage now, and I’m wondering overall, what sort of stage do you think Oliver is going into lead and do you think he and Clark are going to come closer together and he push him more toward his final destiny?
First part of your question, I think Oliver is going from this inner peace that he’s finally found to realizing that whole way that he thought about himself is in fact not who he is. So he’s still going to carry that burden. It’s interesting because he carries the burden of the bad guy inside him. He’s got that dark part, the weight of the world on his shoulders. 
As far as the other thing, Clark’s destiny, I think what you’re going to see this year is Clark finding that on his own a little bit and maybe he’ll help Oliver a little bit like he did last year. It’s interesting. People are like that in real life too. You go in and out of that good and bad. You’re feeling pretty good and then all of a sudden something happens and you’re not feeling it. He’s constantly in remission trying to figure out how he’s going to deal with all the things he’s done in his past. 
What’s your wish for where you want your character to be at the end of the series?
I’d like to see him kind of have more of that inner peace I was talking about. The superhero stuff is great but I think Oliver is a good person, a good human being with a huge heart and that’s part of the problem. So I would like to see him get the good end of the stick a few times. That might be kind of nice.
Are there any more rumblings about a spinoff, something that’s been discussed or is it a pipe dream right now?
Yeah, I don’t know. It might be in between pipe dream and something actually being discussed and people are always kind of talking about it. As far as going forward with it I certainly haven’t heard anything.
Would you do it?
Yeah, I would be up to having a conversation about it, sure. In what capacity I don’t know but yeah, definitely. I enjoy the character and its fun and stuff like that is up my alley. So yeah, I would entertain the idea. I’m here.
They’ve got you trained with that. “I will entertain the idea.”
Sure (laughs). That’s right and you’re going to whip out the contract. He’s got it on tape. (laughs)
Do you find that your character is still interesting to play?
I do, I do. That’s another good question because sometimes you get saturated. We’ve done this a hundred times. For me I’ve had kind of a luxury. I came on the show initially and did like six episodes or seven episodes, whatever I did it was a short little stint on the show. And they just threw all that stuff in there. This is what the Green Arrow’s going to be, this is what Oliver does and then he left the show for a year. And then I did one episode the next year. The first time I came back pseudo full time I did 13 episodes and although it sounds like a lot its not. It’s not a long time to get into the character and to tell his story. Last year was the very first year in my opinion that I was able to be in Vancouver shooting long enough to tell Oliver’s story without just kind of touching on different parts of it. The way I look at it is the second part of my full season.   My second full season in a row and that’s it so I’ve been kind of lucky that way. I see what you’re saying though. I can only imagine. Tom’s been doing it for ten years.
On the other side of it too (is) the writers, it’s got to be part for them to keep it fresh too. I wrote an episode last year and these guys let me write an episode. So, you go into the writer’s room and you’re sitting and there’s so many good ideas going around and they get shot down not because they’re good ideas but because they’ve done it before. “That’s a great idea we did that four years ago. That’s a great idea we did that eight years ago. We’ve already done that. She bled there. That’s where we shot him last time…” And it’s this huge brain sitting in the room trying to figure out what’s left. But they come up with it. They keep coming up with it. I’ve got faith in them. They could probably do another ten years if they had to. 
Will you be writing again this season?
I’m not going to be writing this season, I’m going to be directing one so that will be fun. 
Now that you have Geoff Johns involved, would you write the comic for it? Do you have a Green Arrow story that you’d be dying to tell?
I don’t have one, no but I’m sure he would. I don’t compete with those guys. It’s nice that they let me write one but I can’t compete with them. 



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